Authenticate This GIVENCHY

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  1. oh, no. that's terrible! how come you think it's fake? is there even a patent version of the biag??
  2. It's very difficult to tell the fakes from auth on eBay auctions. I wouldn't buy one of these on eBay for that reason :sad:
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  3. even if the seller assures you of 100% authenticity?>
  4. dishonest sellers lie ALL the time. You really can't go by that. There was one medium size that was auth and sold on eBay recently for $1k. I don't think an auth would go for anything less than that.
  5. well, obviously dishonest sellers would lie. but i got an email from a seller assuring me 100% authenticity, she was even going to get the bag checked at her local givenchy story. if seller offers you a total refund...wouldn't that be a good offer??
  6. I am deciding if I should get the large Nightingale in black leather or patent. I think the leather would be in style for longer but I am sooo obsessed with patent right now. Thoughts?
  7. personally, i would go with the black leather. i know patent is the thing right now, but i think i would get sick of it very soon. also, the lines of the bag are very classy and i don't think patent leather fits the style!
    but in the end, if you really love the patent and that's what you want...go for it!
  8. I do not believe any of those 3 to be authentic, sorry!
  9. I think the first one is definitely not auth, coz the the hardware is supposed to have a pewter like finish, and that one has SHINY hardware?!?!
  10. by the way, is anyone reporting these fakes to ebay?
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