CLOSED - Authenticate This GIVENCHY

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  1. #1 May 23, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 15, 2015
    This thread is for discussion on authenticity of GIVENCHY bags.

    The PurseForum requests that only members with an extensive knowledge of the brand and authenticating who have over 500 posts participate as authenticators in this AT thread. The moderators reserve the right to remove authentications that do not meet these requirements.

    Rules for posting in this thread:
    • This is a free service for active TPF members. Our authenticators are volunteers providing their opinions, and who desire to keep counterfeiters and dishonest sellers from profiting from their trade, and to help buyers find authentic items.
    • Authenticators are not required to answer all posts and, for various reasons, some may not be answered.

    Reasons why some requests may not be answered:
    • It is the preference of the authenticators on this thread not to give authentication to members who buy and resell bags.
    • It is also the preference of the authenticators to comment on current, not closed, auctions and sales.
    • Authenticators prefer to give authentication to members who post in a range of threads, instead of just requesting free authentication for designer items.
    • We will not authenticate for those who post photos only and cannot provide a link to a live online auction/sale.
    • If your request is not answered here, for whatever reasons, professional authentication services are available outside of PF.

    Steps to take before you request:

    1. SEARCH.
    Someone may have asked about this bag already.

    Search the Givenchy Forum from our main Givenchy Forum page using the search box at the top far right of the screen that says “search this Forum” . Select the option “posts” and type the name of the seller.
    If the bag has been asked about and you want to search for it later, highlight the name of the seller and an icon with a magnifying glass is shown. Click and you will see results for the seller in all tPF Forums.

    2. FORMAT.
    We use a format because it helps keep track of the bags. If you do not follow format your post may not be answered.

    Format for auctions found on eBay or other auction sites:
    Item: (Copy from listing)
    Listing number: (Copy from Listing)
    Seller: (Copy from listing)
    Link: (Copy from listing)
    Comments if any: Put any special comments you have here.

    Format for sales from sites of professional sellers:
    Item: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Listing number is applicable: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Seller: (name of the seller, eg. Malleries)
    Link: (Copy from Sellers site)
    Comments if any: Special comments here


    PICTURES: All these pictures are required for all authentications.

    Essential views for authenticating Givenchy bags on the PF.

    - Front view of bag
    - Back view of the bag (Pandora)
    - View of bottom of Bag
    - Zipper & its end
    - Underside of the top closure zipper (the metal part that zips)
    - Strap connector hardware
    - Clear picture of the interior lining
    - Base of the handles

    Example posts for popular current styles:

    Antigona: post 2830, 4143/4144
    Nightingale: post 2471, 2766, 3966
    Pandora: post 2874, 3298

    Pictures should be clear, taken straight on, not an an angle, in good light and with the macro function of the camera.

    If the pictures are inadequate, authenticators may skip your request.

    (special thanks to the Hermes forum)
  2. there must be atleast one nightingale owner out there, this is such a yummy bag. . . .

    I have never bought a givenchy bag before so any help at all would be great. thanks!
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  3. fake... :ninja:

    the same seller also has a fake black patent listed right now.
  4. You know what, I'm always uneasy when the seller won't type the full 'Authentic.' It's been my experience that the ones I always question authenticity for always type 'Auth.' I don't know how prevalent the counterfeiting of this bag is, though.
  5. ^ the fakes of this bag are just starting to surface. the scary thing is that they look pretty much completely identical to the real deal, so it's hard for someone who isn't totally familiar with the givenchy bags to know what's what.
  6. Learn something new everyday! I must say, the counterfeiting detail has gotten much much better (and for us, it's obviously a worse situation) that I just find it altogether better to shop at the actual store.
  7. i would ask for more pix, of shoulder strap, dont see it in her pix, inside of bag? closeups of hardware...she only has one pix of actual bag for sale and you can not see hardware, strap, inside....
  8. i wouldn't trust it. all the nightingales up on ebay right now are fakes. i've actually only ever seen 3 authentic ones for sale.
  9. I guess, you are right, Brian. I passed on that one because the seller gave me a rude reply when I asked if I could see the receipt from Barneys first. That said it all in terms of authenticity. Besides, who would sell such a new bag that just came out and retails for over $1000 for less than half of the retail price? Very suspicious. I'll still keep checking out ebay and hope to find an real one.

    Do you remenber how much the three authentic ones went for? Just curious.
  10. And some unsuspecting people paid a lot of money for these fake bags.:tdown:
  11. Hey ladies! I just purchased this Givenchy nightingale medium bag and I have a bad bad feeling about it. THe Givenchy logos are a bit lopsided and the leather doesn't look like how it looks in celebrity photos. Please check it out and let me know what you think! and COPIES of receipts are easily forged right?:tdown:
    Thanks I really appreciate it girls

    Attached Files:

  12. if you bought it on ebay, it's not authentic, sorry... :ninja:
  13. Aren't there any authentic nightingales on ebay at all? Come to think of it, most prices are too low. Can anyone tell how to spot a fake one? Sorry, I couldn't be of any help myself but I almost also bought one off ebay and now I'm thinking twice.
  14. I think this is a bag that is really difficult and even almost impossible to copy because no matter what the fakers do, the real bags have this very distinct way of FALLING or rather DRAPING on the wearer. I've seen a number of authentic Nightingale bags in real life and they tend to fall FLAT, when the wearer carries them the bags look very angular and very thin, even if it's a slouchy bag. The bags don't open up.

    The fake ones just don't fall the same way. Hard to explain but you know it when you see it in real life.

    I agree that like 90% of the Nightingale bags on EBay are fake, sorry. The prices of these bags are now going higher and higher so why would someone sell them for $500?
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