Authenticate This Emilio Pucci

  1. is ebay seller orchids_rose legit? lots of Juicy, Pucci, Prada...
  2. bump!
  3. Try doing a search...I think I remember someone mentioning this site...
  4. Oh yeah, lots of threads about this site. Good Luck!
  5. Ever find out whether or not they are authentic? I am trying to find something about Lusso Imports. Ever heard of them?
  6. I'm pretty sure that Designer Imports sells fakes... this was discussed on a few other threads.

    the other two, I'm not sure... they could be fake because I think I recall reading here on tpf that Balenciaga Bags are not sold over the internet at all except at Aloha Rag, so, if that is true, it makes the other two sites very questionable, in my mind.
  7. My girlfriend bought a MJ from designer imports and we compared it to mine which was bought at Nordstroms. It looked real to us, but then again I wouldn't call myself an expert. But the detail was definitely there ie. the name on the zipper and on the buckels, etc.

    I have however lost all faith on e stores that sell discounted 'guaranteed authentic' stuff after buying a Gucci bag that turned out to be fake. (Before finding this forum, of course).
  8. I know some ladies in the Chloe forum have had good luck with Diabro. I haven't used them personally but if you search that forum you'll find a bunch of threads.
  9. My rule of thumb is if there is any doubts on the site, don't do it. If I'm only saving a hundred or so, I'd rather go to the store and get the full experience and not worry about it being a fake.
  10. Both are authentic but have a look on Yoox because they have ALOT of Pucci at amazing prices right now in the A/W sale section
  11. You'll get a much faster answer if you post in the Chanel and Hermes forums. The Pucci one should stay here since we don't have a separate Pucci forum.
  12. Scarfs is somewhat tricky