Authenticate This Dior - please read post 1 FIRST

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  1. the card is for those little pouches and wallets. :smile:
    but authenticity cards of some wallets don't have blank to fill in........ :sweatdrop:
  2. Thank you eminere™ and kellyng!! :flowers:
    I learned something new today :hugs:
  3. sorry for my late reply,dear~~ am busy recently~~i should have come to TPF earlier~:hugs:
  4. That's so strange, we don't use these here in Australia. Are they a new introduction?
  5. hmmm...maybe? my gaucho wallet's authenticity card doesn't looks like that, this card is for the cannage printed canvas wallet (sorry,forgot the collection's name:p)
  6. I don't think it's a new introduction, I believe all my wallets and small bags I've purchased from Dior include the card shown, they even have them for any Dior bags issued by the Dior Beauty counters. But from the photo, it looks like somebody actually stuck masking tape on the bag and wrote the details on it instead of blank spaces for SAs to fill in?
  7. Oh you're right! That is so strange someone would do this. :thinking:
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    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012 got me wrong. i meant the authenticity card of my gaucho wallet and some other little goods has no blank to fill in, and this card has blank given,just like some other Dior wallets do.
  9. Thanks Averagejoe! THe listing has ended but reserve was not met so the seller will list it again, She did send me more pic, though i think it is still blurry, would you mind helping to take a look and see if it helps to determine the bag is authentic or not?

    Also, is this bag the same colour as the patent beige currently still available at the dior boutique as well as the

    thank you
    image(3).jpeg image.jpeg image(2).jpeg image(4).jpeg image(5).jpeg
  10. I'm sorry but the pictures are still too blurry. It's difficult to see the embossed logo on the front side of the inner tag. Also, the logo engraving on the hardware is not clear. Looks like the seller is using a mobile phone to take the pictures, but the lens may be a bit dirty and the lighting is poor.

    I also can't tell the colour based on the pictures. It almost looks like off-white, but because of the poor lighting and clarity, it's really difficult to tell.

    From what I can see, the bag looks fine so far, but I can't be certain. If you're paying so much money, then at least the pictures should be clear.
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  12. hi Katev,

    same with Joe,im not familiar with vintage Dior,but judging from the craftmanship,it looks authentic to's a very nice vintage color and can goes with lots of clothes!:smile:
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