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  1. Eek!! Stay away from mbaraujo10 and report her listings! She has a slew of fakes!

    And she knows they're fake. The two authentic bags she has use "authentic" in the titles.
  2. It looks okay but see Hyacinth's comments about cleaning light-colored suede:
  3. can you authenticate a coach No UOJ-1208
  4. We would usually need to see pictures of the bag and of the creed, however, UOJ is not a valid serial number prefix.
  5. #1 - Needs more pictures, including a picture of the creed. The seller should have more than one picture in all of her listings.

    #2 - Looks good.

    #3 - Looks ok, though there should be a closeup picture of the creed.

    #4 - There should be a clear, closeup picture of the creed. The seller shouldn't be using a stock photo for the gallery pic in this listing and in her other listings. The seller is able to take her own pictures and there's no reason to be using stock photos. This is listed as NWT, but I don't see a price tag attached.
  6. I agree with BB about the bag and with Hyacinth about light-colored suede. I stay away from suede in general because of how difficult it is to clean and keep clean.

    IMO, there's more than "light soil" on this bag. I can see dirty spots on the bottom corners and on the back and other areas on the bag.
  7. You're welcome!
  8. You're welcome!
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    I don't know whether the serial number you're describing is from an eBay listing but that serial number as well as other "UOJ" numbers are seen on fakes.

    In fact, this listing from seller cerry5354 has that same invalid serial number:

    I believe this is a new serial number to add to "the list."

    In the meantime, please post pictures of the bag in question.

    Edited to add the following:

    Here are a couple more listings for fakes with UOJ as the prefix in the serial number:

    Seller irishangel_078:

    Seller donrcon:

    Seller dmldsl:
  10. Thanks guys!! I am not sure if I want to hit BIN or not. I really think I want a large...ugh decisions! But thanks for the reassurance on this one!! :smile:
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