Authenticate This COACH

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  1. Is this a wristlet or a pouch? I don't see the strap or zipper pull? If this is from an auction, can you post the link?

    Oh and CERTAINLY (about the mouse/rat zodiac thing)!
  3. Thanks Starry!
  4. No problem! Post pics if the seller sends them...
  5. I was so curious and hoping that you would check that bag out because it was really driving me crazy! Everything looked so perfect except the signature was throwing me off. Thanks for clarification!!
  6. Thank you so much Starrymaz. It really is a pretty bag and I love the legacy lining.
  7. I bought a Coach Handbag and the serial number is 004U-1202

    I'd greatly appreciate if someone could tell me whether it's real or not.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.