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  1. Hi everyone,
    I would like to find out if anyone has an updated list of reputable Coach seller on eBay? I saw a thread and that was posted in June 2006, wondering if anyone has an updated one?

  2. Can anyone help authenticate this Coach? It looks real to me, but I am definitely out of my league on this type of thing. One of the reasons that I am questioning is that it is the only one I've seen on Ebay with Silver instead of White? Does anyone know if they made this silver kind?


  3. is it an ebay auction?
    can you post a link to it?
    do you have any additional pictures?
  4. Hi Guys I am new, I have a questioin about a coach bag and wallet I received for my birthday. I've been looking to see if I could authenticate it myself, but I am still not sure. It has the Coach price tag, the leather patch inside the bag with the serial number No 10342, the tag has VSG satchel writen in it with a price tag of $388.00. The is Brown material with the CC's on it. and it has leather details. the wallet matched and has coach stamped into the leather lining, but no serial number. I love the bag regardless if its real or not, but I would like to know, Can you Help me out?

    p.s Let me know if you need a picture, I can take some
  5. Authentic??

    :s Looks good to me comparing it to the drilldown plus its still on the coach website and seems authentic, but i would like your opinions. I'm currently asking pics of the coach creed and tags. TIA!!!!
    1455_1.jpg fb1d_1.jpg e82a_1.jpg
  6. This is a picture of that style from the drilldown.


    Does your bag look like this?
  7. Yep, Thats the bag, only the leather is dark brown. but other that that it the same one. does that mean it's real, or is it still possible that it's fake? I read somewhere that the CC's' should line up perfectly, mine aren't really that symetrical. I am starting to believe it isn't the real deal. I am posting a link to some pictures, maybe it will give you a better idea.

    the bag

    the wallet

    Thank so much for you help
  8. I'm sorry, but they're both fake. The lining inside shouldn't have stamps of Coach all over it, there is also plastic on the handle and turnlock which is a no no, the creed is also extremely messed up. With the wallet, the stamp is wrong and the C's are perfectly UNalligned, and the coach credit card paper.. doesn't come with authentic wallets.. Sorry. :tdown:

    I believe this is an authentic version of your bag

    And the wallet should look more like this

    But I'm totally unsure about wallets now.
  9. Oh well. But its ok, iama still wear it, it's not like I spent a whole heep of cash on it, I just hope the people who gave it to me didn't.:hrmm:
    Thanks agains, now I know what to look out for, if I am ever going to buy a real one.

  10. I got my bag today in the mail. I took some additional photos to help you authenticate. When I posted last, I only had one photo from the auction...

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