Authenticate This CÉLINE

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  1. I am not an expert but sorry to tell you... one thing for sure it is fake is the serial number, the number U-CU-0114 use on the fake bags in many other styles!! I got a fake box bag in same number :sad: But do not worry, call paypal and file the claim it's a lot easier, trust me you will get your money back. Good Luck!!
  2. Hello Unoma here are more pictures:

    Seller said "there are no serial number in Celine box bags - the luggage does. What makes it authentic is the Made in Italy stamp/font, non marked zipper and high quality lining"

    Is this true Unoma? The other small snake one I have asked you has serial number so Im not sure what is she saying?..

    Thank you.
  3. Here is some additional info and the reason I would like it authenticated. Both of these tags have the same numbers, which one is real?

    Attached Files:

  4. Attached Files:

  5. Hi...any chances the serial number on authentic item? I just realised my box has the same number which i purchased last year..

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  6. Can anyone help me to authenticate this box?

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  7. Better luck next time
  8. Hi there, as I said I am not an expert, I hope I don't make a lot of people here get upsad. Here is how I found out, I brought mine a couple months ago, and when I travel to my hometown, my sister in law who work at Celine told me my purse is fake!!! I got my money back through PayPal. Since then I have pay attention on the serial number and found out the same number on eBay listing a few times, and all of them selling by eBayer has no or couple of feedbacks. Did they ever have this number on authentic items? I can't guarantee, but sure my fake one is that number. I am very sorry if I made a mistake here, I just wanted to help.
  9. Better luck next time
  10. :smile:
  11. Ok
  12. Pls next time post only the info of the bag you want to authenticate.

    Tri colour orange is a Fake
  13. Better luck next time