Authenticate This Be & D Garbo Please

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  1. IMO, from the info given, they both look authentic, THOUGH the first item listed, the cream one, is at least several years old. The insignia/name on the inside is fabric - newer Garbo's are a metal plate. The first bag is pretty big - check the dimensions. The other bag is smaller - I know that they made two Garbo sizes (regular and mini) AND they made some larger issue bags as well for limited distribution (like NM, Saks, etc). I wouldn't be worried about authenticity for these bags. For a comparison, here's mine, bought directly from Be&D:

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  2. Heya dcblam. Thanks for the affirmation. I did a Be & D garbo search on TPF because I liked the style and was interested in getting one. That was when I saw your garbo and it really made me want to buy one. The second link is from a power seller so it made me feel safer until I saw when she/he wrote that there’s "NO id tag on this bag ". Don't know if its something to worry about when I saw it back then so I had to ask :P.

    Yeah, I didn't really know about the size differnces and the estimated age of the first lighter colored garbo. Thanks for your input:tup: and I really have to say again that I like your garbo:love:.
  3. you are most welcome.....used my Garbo today and I must say - it is one of my favorite bags!
    Hope you find one to your liking!
    Best regards