Authenticate This Anya Hindmarch

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    Sorry for not posting in a sub forum but I couldn't find one for this designer. Could you please authenticate these for me?
    I've been in love with this clutch for close to 18 months:
    This one is very pretty too:
    :confused1: Thanks so much

    Also I saw these, maybe as a new work bag? my uniform is blue so I thought that I could match with my uniform & it's also my favorite color:

    And I'll need this to go with the uniform & bag:
  2. Neither of them actually state they are authentic which as a seller I would always put on a legitimate listing. I would also question why they were selling such a new high profile bag at a ridiculously low price when the bag retails at around $1500!!
  3. Yeah, that's what tipped me off to thinking they may not be authentic...

  4. Can someone tell me if they know of any fake Anya Hindmarch cooper bags? The sellers says it comes w/certificates! I asked him for more detailed pictures, he got my address to e-mail them to me, but I had also asked if they would guarantee authenticity and didn't get an answer to that question!
    Please help!
  5. Yes there are fakes and the fact that he hasn't answered you says it all
  6. Got back to me last night. Advised that can't guarantee money back since she's on commissions and closing the store for someone else and didn't actually but the bags herself, but comes with certificates and dustbag. Here are the pictures:
    So what's the verdict?

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  7. The way I look at it, if it were real the seller would include some more photos and let the auction run as a normal auction and would get a lot more than $350 for it....I mean they are going through the hassle of listing it, why not get more for it? so I'd say it is a knock off. Just google Anya Cooper, the seller's price is in the same range as all of the other knock off sellers.
  8. This bag is around $1500....why on earth would you be selling them for $380??!! Not to mention having FOUR of them! It's such an obvious fake, stay well away
  9. And the Jimmy Choo bags she is selling are DEFINITELY fake!!!
  10. Hi there,

    Just bought this loose pocket pouch from eBay and wanted to be sure it's authentic. I've checked with the official website and it looks identical from what I can see.The stitching is even and there are no marks anywhere. Some pics that I took:
    If you need any other features' photos or close ups, let me know. Will take it ASAP.
    TIA:heart:! :ty: