Authenticate This Anya Hindmarch

  1. Thanks for the post. I hope someone can tell cuz I want one! I'm sceptical though. Apparently one way to tell is that the name Anya Hindmarch is engraved into the rings.
  2. I think i'm sceptical because I cant tell which picture belongs to the seller.
  3. Hey girls!
    I need your help to authenticate this I'm not a plastic bag...
    The seller(not E-bay seller) told me she bought it at 10Corso Como, which is the official retailer for italy...
    I'm not sure about the authenticity, siche i've never seen one in real.
    Help me, girls!
    Thanks in advance!


  4. I have this bag in this coloring. I hope someone else can jump in, but it's my understanding that this color combination was only available in the US? I could be wrong, someone please correct me if that isn't right.
  5. What colour is the bag blue or dark grey?
  6. That's exactly what mine looks like. If it's a fake, it's a really good fake.

    I mean, not that a fake is "good", but you know what I mean. :smile:
  7. Oh dear, I hope the one I bought isn't fake. :push: How can you tell it's fake? I will have to look at mine and compare!
  8. The colour is blue...
    Thanks ladies, i haven't bought the bag in the end...fortunately! :love:
    Just can you tell it's a fake?
  9. Thanks for posting, I'm going to compare my bag with the tips in this guide tonight!
  10. The guides posted by GOODGUYYOUNG are worthless! They might as well say "how to spot a replica" because the replicas pass ALL of his guidelines. I feel so bad for people who are basing their purchase on these very outdated guides. They may have applied to the early fakes from 6 months ago. The fakes from the last 6 months pass ALL of the things he says to look for. The font is correct, the letter d (we are what we do) is the correct length. The rope handles are the correct length. There is no "blob" of an apostrophe. The "i" in no longer attached....the AH logo is the correct size...they have handcrafted in China tags......all of this applies to the replicas! PLEASE do not base authenticity on this person's guides or any that give that outdated info! I see seller's with fakes directing people to read his guides....because based on that info you will think their fake bag is REAL!
  11. ^Do you have any other resources that you suggest? Instead of posting the same post in 2 different threads?
  12. Hi All can someone take a look at this Anya Spider Clutch for me please! TIA!
    s_7227.jpg s01_7227.jpg s02_7227.jpg s03_7227.jpg s04_7227.jpg
  13. More pics
    s05_7227.jpg s06_7227.jpg s07_7227.jpg