Authenticate This 3.1 Phillip Lim

  1. The seller is using standard stock pictures and that coupled with the fact the bidding starts at 99c makes me suspect it's a fake. The few real Edie bags that I've seen for sale on eBay haven't used any of the celeb pictures but shots of the bag, the tags and the cloth bag it comes in.
    Additionally this bag is rather old now, so I find it difficult to believe that there's a brand new one knocking about.
    Lastly the leather looks far too smooth, the grain should be much heavier - definitely ask for more pictures.

    Ask to see some actual pictures of the bag and decide from there. Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.
  2. There is nothing alarming in the pictures that I can see. I'd be curious to know if the Givenchy bag they have listed is authentic.

    The have one bad feedback for a fake but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could have been someone trying to pull a fast one on the seller. It's hard to tell as the seller has private feedback.

    I'll wait for others on this one..
  3. It's fake.

    Remember, someone selling a real Edie bag wouldn't feel the need to state it's genuine leather or made in Italy. Additionally they've used standard stock photos of the bag/celebrities that the sellers use on iOffer.
  4. Sorry, not familiar with the brand. I love it though!
  5. Hi ladies!

    I really need some help to get this 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel authenticated. I know there isn't a lot information about this one on The Purse Forum, but hopefully someone can help me to see if this one is authentic.

    I would really appreciate it!
    Namnlös1.jpg image (2).jpeg image (3).jpeg image (4).jpeg image (5).jpeg

  6. Here is some more:
    image (6).jpeg image (7).jpeg
  7. Hi, I moved your posts to the Authenticate This forum thread.

    Hope you'll get some answers here.
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    Can you lovely ladies authenticate
    Phillip lim pashli in Aubergine