Authenticate This 3.1 Phillip Lim

  1. hey ladies,

    recently found this edie bag on eBay. the seller sent me some pictures, the bag looks nice, however the label doesn't match some other pictures of the edie i found online. i've never seen a phillip lim bag in real life, so please help me out!
    photo.JPG photo1.JPG photo2.JPG photo3.JPG
  2. I wonder if we are looking at the same listing. I'm looking at an Edie listing too & asked the seller for a photo of the inside, but no response yet (it's been 2 days too), plus the seller has no history of selling fashion-related items (it was a gift).

    I'm wary when it comes to Edie bags since there are quite a few fakes out there.
  3. It's a fake, the zipper and leather tag on the zip pull are completely wrong. Pretty much all the Phillip Lim bags on eBay are fake, the few original ones tend to be from sellers who aren't selling other items and have a receipt/proof of purchase.
    Additionally the leather plaque inside bearing the logo isn't quite right, the branding is far too centre, the signature too small and the proportions of the tag just aren't quite right.
  4. Finally the 3.1 Phillip Lim card tag is wrong too, my one came with a fabric tag and all the information/barcode was on an additional plain white card.

    I hope all this helps :smile:
  5. it's a fake. and a not very good one at that.

    and gosh, where to start - the lining is the wrong colour, the leather plaque below the zip is the wrong shape, the pull on the zipper is wrong and most importantly, the leather used for that particular style isn't the smooth.

    remember, if it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is.

    btw, net-a-porter always have really good pictures of Phillip Lim bags, they always show a decent shot of the lining, zip and leather plaque, so it's always best to check their pics first.
  6. That picture seems like a stock photo. Try to have the ebayer send you pictures of the original bag. NOt just inside the bag.....
    I sold an edie myslef a couple of months back so I remember getting those questions and being told theres alot of fakes out there. And i did see the fakes myslef listed on webisties for like $275.
  7. :graucho:
  8. i really want to get black Eddie Studded bag!!
    i think all online store sold out!!
    do anybody know where to buy this bag!!