Authentic Toggle Bracelet????????

  1. Hi,

    Could anyone help authenticate this bracelet i have just purchased please?

    Although auction states i paid £50 for it i actually paid £80 and i am concerned it may not be authentic.

    Should there be a 925 stamp anywhere on the actual bracelet as this has none.I don't know if perhaps there was a stamp on the heart that the seller removed?

    I purchased a Venetian Link and a Bead bracelet direct from Tiffany and both were stamped 925.

    I will stick to purchasing from Tiffany in future,i'm too worried buying from eBay !!!!

    Thanks for your help,
    Opai x
  2. I don't have this bracelet, but perhaps you could post more photos so the girls who have it can check it out.
  3. Hi,

    Have added some more photos.

    Would really appreciate if anyone with this bracelet could give me their opinion on this one and if the toggle or bar should have a 925 stamp any where on it.

    Many thanks.Hope someone can help.

    Opai x
    br 002.JPG br 003.JPG
  4. Hi,

    Can anyonewho has this bracelet let me know if there is a 925 stamp on the toggle or bar.
    Its a matter of urgency now as i have to decide whether to return it.

    Would really appreciate someone taking the time to help....

    Opai x
  5. Why not try posting this in the authenticate this part of the forum? More people would see it and you'll stand a better chance of getting a reply.
  6. Oh I didn't realise!Thought i was meant to post here.Thanks for your advice.Opai x