AUTHENTIC Kooba finds - eBay or other retailer

  1. You made the right choice!!! I Love mine. Lninos just wrote me and said someone from the group bought it so I was glad to hear one of us got it before anyone else. It is waaaaay cool for a 50 year old and no, not too big at all.
  2. Thanks... YUP that was me!! thought I'd put a little plug in to Lninos that I'd heard RAVE reviews from you!!:tup:
  3. wooo hoooo!! :smile: good job J bug! :smile: i have one too and its the most amazing bag :smile: Color, style, size everything :smile: congrads! :smile:
  4. Thanks helpl!!Slush..... gotta keep up with you..:p. ha! Seem to have the same taste.... I'd just purchased my HOT PINK Alex shortly before you got one!! Glad you enjoy your Elisha... can't wait to see her irl!!
  5. So how weird is this. Both Me, you and Bess have an Elisha and a Pink Alex.

  6. he he he..... too bad we don't live close.. we could just "rotate" bags!! -- could have 3 times as many to use that way! HA!!:graucho:
  7. haha o my goodness thats sooo weird! :smile: well clearly we just have the best tast ever to all own 2 of the cutest koobas ever! :smile:
  8. Hooray JBug!!! I'm so happy to have been able to share that link with you! You'll LOVE the Elisha... It's a cute style for ALL ages, and that red is oh-so-sassy!

  9. JBug, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing an Elisha, but they sure looks soft and squidgy and what seal of approval could be better than from Lexie and Bessie? They know how to empty our wallets fast!
  10. Congrats Rose! What a great price!
  11. I can't wait to see this irl-I've always liked the metallics! Now I really need to stay away from eBay....I'm just on there looking for authentic Kooba's so I can post for you gals, and I end up buying them all, lol!
  12. ^LOL... I know what you mean, I do the same thing. Between you and Lindy though lately, there aren't many Koobas left for the rest of us! :roflmfao:
  13. And it ARRIVED TODAY!! WOWZERS Talk about FAAAASSTT!!!!
    It is the perfect red... that deep rich blue/tone RED!! LUV IT!!:heart:

    Gotta quit lookin at these posts of people's bags etc... it's killin my wallet - I need more self -restraint!!:p
  14. Congrats Rose!!! What a deal and what a beautiful bag. And JBug...I'm so glad you love the Elisha like I thought you would.