AUTHENTIC Kooba finds - eBay or other retailer

  1. post any AUTHENTIC Kooba's you want to share w/ other that you find for sale.

    *If you aren't POSITIVE of it's authenticity, DO NOT post in here please!*
  2. i need to stop checking this forum!

    does anyone have a nicole? it's gorgeous and i'm thinking about getting it for my mom.
  3. Still no Nicole's in Rose =(
  4. :smile:
    I have the Nicole... it's my FIRST KOOBA....I've only had it a few days,,. I haven't actually "taken her out" yet... but it's a GORGEOUS BAG!! I know I will love it.. I'm guessing I could be your mom's age. I like it because it's somewhat 'structured' and sort of businesslike with the flap over the zipper - but those zippers on the front give it a little "edgyness"! It's a GREAT color - will work well all seasons I think!! I'm certainly not a Kooba expert... but I'd be happy to answer any questions about Nicole if I can!!:yes:
  5. ^^^
    That auction went well, Laura, that's great!
  6. He does take great pics and has great prices too. At least with his auctions you get a "feel" of the bag if you are buying sight unseen. The one dimensional Kooba pics don't do anything for their sales.