Authentic fakes- saw this & had to share

  1. Counterfeit Chic

    Saw this on a law site called counterfeit chic and thought it was cute. It's an art exhibit with real bags. Which is a change considering usually it's fake bags claiming to be real. lol

  2. ugh...bag molester needs to be arrested by fashion police :p
  3. I think it's brilliant.
  4. They're using REAL bags...? :wtf: Well, after modification like that, I don't know...:s. I wouldn't carry one, even if somebody PAID me to!
  5. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  6. Hah, reminds me of a billboard in a South Asian tourist spot that said "Brand New Antiques!"
  7. I think it's interesting.

  8. lol I probably wouldn't either. Especially since no one but me would know it was a joke and everyone would rightly assume it's fake since it says FAKE on it. lol
  9. Really interesting!
  10. speechless lol
  11. I wouldn't bear to do that to a real bag....
  12. I wouldn't carry it. But I'd like to see it at an exhibit
  13. I could see if they used fake bags for it, but that's kind of a waste of money to screw up a real bag no matter what kind of statement you're trying to make.
  14. I think Im the ONLY one who likes it! Where can I get this canvas bag (the one with the picture of the silkscreend speedy)?!
  15. What a great idea - honestly!
    I would carry one :amuse: