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  1. Which eBay sellers would you recommend buying from? I have never bought LV items outside of the boutiques so I wanted to make sure that I am purchasing an authentic LV bag from a reputable seller.
    I have been checking let-trade for quite some time now but the bag that I am looking for has not come up. I am a bit nervous about buying a bag from eBay but since the bag that I am looking for is an older discontinued bag I am having to resort to purchasing from eBay. Any recommendations?
  2. I would highly recommend that whoever you buy from, you come here before bidding and use the "authenticate this" thread located at the top of this forum.
    That said, in terms of reputable resellers, there are many. Including those eBay sellers who are MPRS, & ALVA. Let-trade is another great seller.
    BUT...again....check out the item here, ask the seller questions before bidding, and ALWAYS check the sellers feedback!
    I've had many good experiences on ebay (and a couple not so good)....and I know how you feel (I too am collecting older LE items)>!
  3. "authenticate this" is the response my friend. We are here to help you the best we can.
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