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  1. Hi everybody!
    Does anybody know if the ebay seller dignheroutlet sells authentic gucci bags? Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Sorry, the seller´s name is designheroutlet...
  3. hmmmmmmmmm, the bags look pretty good, but what makes me suspicious is they're selling them for so cheap :hrmm: ...most authentic sellers don't mince prices like that...i recently paid $1K for a 2004 gucci blondie bag & it's retail price was around $ should find out what the serial # is of the bag you want (from a gucci SA) & then ask the seller for a photo of can also ask janice or BlkLadyLaw for advice since they know alot about gucci :yes:
  4. So if he sends me the serial number of the two bags you can tell if it is authentic or not?
    Thank you very much in advance!
    I appreciate your help because I don´t want to receive a fake bag again !!!
  5. yeppers, a photo of the serial # should prove the bag's authenticity ...but you've gotta call up or go to a gucci store to get the correct serial # for the bag you want...if the seller won't send or post a photo of the serial #, there's something wrong :rolleyes:
  6. Does anyone else have experience with this ebay seller?
  7. Seller wrote me the following mail:

    Unfortunately these bags have been packed and are at my shipper's office awaiting shipment once the auctions close so I can't take pics of the serial #s. They do have serial #s I just don't have any pics of them. Thanks again for your interest in my auctions.

    So she sells fakes, right? Should I take the risk?

    Does anyone can recommend me honest ucci sellers on ebay?

    Do you have a white sellers list?
  8. PLEASE only post this in Authenticate This! sticky or Forum.
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