Authentic Burberry on the internet?

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  1. Hi!!

    I know I am still very new here but I am wondering if you all could help me. I just bought the Chloe Paddington in whiskey on Net-A-Porter but I'm in need of another fix:smile:
    I'm looking for a Burberry Regent Tote in Novacheck but eBay is so full of fakes I'm terrified to buy there. Neiman's said they won't ship Burberry to Canada:blink: and Holt's is too far of a trip for me since I work so much! Do any of you know a website that sells authentic Burberry?
    Thanks so much!:biggrin:
  2. Try They're having their annual clearance right now and bags are discounted 40% to 60% off but not sure if they have what you're looking for. But that's where I get all my Burberry bags for cheap since I don't trust any online sites anymore. Happy shopping!
  3. Thanks!! I'm calling them right now!!
  4. I called and the sale is over..any other suggestions??
  5. If you know the exact bag you want, why don't you phone Holts (in Toronto) and ask them to track it (they'll check all across the country) and ship it to you? I've done this before, and it works really well. If you don't find it at Holt's, you can try phoning Ogilvy's and having them ship to you.
  6. why won't NM ship burberry to canada? i haven't had a problem with any of the lines i've ordered. i know there are some rules with cosmetics and perfumes, but haven't heard that about burberry.
  7. does burberryusaonline ship to canada?
  8. If you find a Burberry on eBay then be sure to have the ladies on the "authenticate this" thread authenticate it for you! I have seen lots of really good deals on Burberry on eBay!

    Also you can always order from Saks...they ship to Canada now!
  9. no, they only accept us credit card
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