Australia To Ban Alcohol For Aborigines

  1. You know, Prada, I saw that in this morning's paper, don't know what to think of it...such a complicated issue..

  2. I agree. Its an astonishing move for sure.
  3. I don't get it. alcohol and pornography are only bad for Aborigines?
  4. There is a somewhat (read extremely) controversial theory that Aborigines have a genetic predispositon to alcoholism.

    In North America, at least, alcohol is a relatively recent import that came with the Colonists. Supposedly, because there was no exposure to alcohol unitl a few hundred years ago, the claim is that Aborigines metabolize alcohol differently.

    I've heard the same theory as applied to American Indians as well. I don't know what to make of it though. I can't help wondering if racism isn't the real problem.

    I'm not sure how pornography fits into the mix??

    It is a complicated issue. Very sad. I don't know what to think.
  5. that is completely unbelievable. is Australia condidered a democracy? What is ironic is that people in Austrailia as well as Europe often look down on America's democratic shortcomings, but now they're passing a law targeting one specific group of people? Not right.
  6. The amount of incest, domestic violence, rape and general abuse that these Aboriginal communities and children see is just heartbreaking. If this helps in some way to break the cycle of violence then I am all for it. I will say that this isn't a first for us - we do already have "alcohol dry" communities in Aboriginal settlements.
    Doing something has to be better than doing nothing.
  7. I wouldn't say that's entirely true. I don't think the government's actions and policies are correct and I think a lot of Australian's feel the same. There's been so much discrimination against Aboriginals in Australia it's heartbreaking. Having said that, every country in the world has deep undercurrants of racism runnig through their history (and present). I don't think it's fair to suggest that Australia as an entire country is undemocratic and racist. That's a hurtful assumption.
  8. oh please each country in the world has its democratic shortcomings - are you telling us that in America there aren't or havent been specific groups targeted :rolleyes:? also, how does Europe fit into this one now?

    in general, although I do not know the issues at hand i think that if such a law should be passed I would assume there is an age limit - say until 18 or 21 no alcohol/ pornography. otherwise, it would have to be a nation-wide ban - you can't just exclude a particular group, especially seeing as they are the original inhabitants - first all of this stuff is brought onto them and now they are being patronised about it?? seems a bit off to me. I do have to agree that there is a direct contradiction with the democratic concept (IN THIS CASE) seeing as one group of people decides for another.

    I understand that child abuse is sought to be battled but preferably in a more exclusive manner - I mean, there may be some who can handle alcohol and then some who can't, as we can see in any society. I don't know - is there a ban for any other child abusers who do that under the influence? maybe something to think about?
  9. They can't just target aboriginals, it sounds pretty strange to me. Making different laws for people based solely on ethnicity inonecountry is wrong as it, no matter for what purpose, is not respect each individual rights as humans. I'd also like to know what would be the purpose of this, as if alcohol is still available in the country it will be easily obtainable for aboriginals anyways.

    Wasen't that "gay hotel" that banned everyone except gays and won in court also in Australia? Along with this it doesen't seem like good devellopment IMO.
  10. "The report said the abuse was fueled by endemic alcohol abuse, unemployment, poverty and other factors causing a breakdown in traditional society."
    "Though many found employment in the cattle and sheep industries, they were paid less than whites, sometimes working just for rations. Unable to achieve economic independence, many have become welfare dependent."

    how typical for the so called democratic, lazy governments ! Lets ban one of the reasons for the situation, that doesn`t require any further actions from us, instead trying to find a proper long term solution to ensure a batter standard of life for these people.

    To me their alcohol abuse is not one of the reasons, its is one of the effects of their poverty and economic dependance, just as abusing children is. It is ridiculous to ban the effect instead of fighting the cause for the situation.
  11. There are costs to having personal freedom: often, they are tragic. However, the very point of a democracy is valuing personal freedom above all else. I really think this is a resounding injustice -- it is a slippery slope from "Aborigines cannot buy alcohol" to "Aborigines cannot buy homes in certain neighborhoods" to "Aborigines cannot hold certain jobs."
  12. This is a bit too "Big Brotherish" for me. I don't think alcohol should be banned.

    This is like putting a band-aid on a disenbowelment(sp?).

    No alcohol= No child abuse??? I think not.

    Clearly these people are in need of URGENT help as this sounds like an epidemic BUT I think those who have chosen to ban alcohol don't know their a$$ from their elbow. JMHO.

    And... aren't they just asking for another issue???? Can anyone say Prohibition??? That worked SO well for the USA! (said w/ severe irony).
  13. Whatever about alcohol certainly hardcore pornography should be banned for the whole world not just for Aborigines.
  14. Seems like the Aborigines have suffered enough.... Is this suppose to solve the issues ?