Austinites...Austin, TX Come over here

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  1. Has anyone been to "The Domain" yet? If so, what are you thoughts. :yahoo:
  2. Yah:yes: :yahoo:

    I love it there! Neiman Marcus has excellent customer service compared to that of Saks5th in the Arboretum... I love the whole atmosphere and I heard they'll have more shops opening this summer. Go and check it out!! I'm stearing clear for now because I went there 3 days in a row since the grand opening:shame:
  3. I've already been...I just moved to Austin in the Fall where is Saks I haven't been there yet
  4. Not yet...
  5. hey austinites! i'm thinking of moving there next year and visiting this summer....what are your reviews of the place? love it? hate it? lemme know!

    is the domain a new mall? sounds like fun :smile:
  6. Come on down Amanda....Austin is great...a lot of job opportunties while the city expands. The cost of living is out of this world...nothing like what i'm used to coming from the east coast.

    Yes, the Domain is a new shopping center!!
  7. The cost of living. Is that a good thing? Is your "out of this world" good or bad?
  8. Amanda, Austin is great, I went to college here, moved back to Houston for a few years and now I am back. THe cost of living is still relatively low especially compared to the east and west coasts. The one piece of advice I can give you is to live around downtown if you can, the traffic is miserable!:yes:
  9. Austin Rocks-- and The Domain eeww La La!!

    Love it..
  10. Hey austin ladies.
    yes, been to the Domaine... I like it... I think the idea is cute... looks like a little town... it's a shopping mecca! LV, NM, what more could a girl ask for?

    Close enough to where I work for a lunch time visit but too far away for a weekend jaunt... good for my cc's!
  11. I've been to Ausin a few times........LOVE IT!!! Such a fun place.