August 2007 Rebecca Minkoff Interview

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  1. from

    While I know this is old school, I love hearing about what her inspirations are.

    And good lord, after using my wine mam for 3 days, the leather did feel so much softer! I was like... whoa... am I carrying a new bag?! :love: :love: :love:

    holler!!! lol. :shame:
  2. Thats awesome! :goodpost:
  3. This makes me excited to see how dinner with Megs and Rebecca goes!! By the way, Dee... I don't know how to resize my pics so they will upload. hmmmm...
  4. ^^ do you have a photo app of some sort that can resize your pics? you could also upload them to a host site like if all else fails! I'm relatively new to this too, so I hope I can help! :shame:

    If not... PM me, and I will try to post them up for you!
  5. That's great thanks for posting!!!
  6. Great post, dee! RM is wonderful! I thought Hayden-Harnett was somethin', but RM takes the cake, so to speak! And her bags are made in the US, which is a big selling point for me.
  7. That article was a good read...thanks for sharing!
  8. Dee, I started a thread with the pics of my Matinee... check it out.
  9. Thanks for posting that!!
    I think that it's so great that she has kept production local:tup:
  10. fabulous!! I'm going right now!!!
  11. thx for posting :smile:

    Gotta love that about the RM leather huh? I love that it changes SO much!
  12. bump for GUNG!!! I think this is the article that mentions her origins! :yahoo:
  13. ^ ok nevermind,i was wrong... but it is a good read!
  14. i enjoyed that, thanks dee :yes:
  15. yw! :hugs: