Audrey question- Please help! or advice!

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  1. Hi everyone-
    Im a newbie and this is my first time posting. I did a search and read some previous posts. Just hoping for a quick opinion!

    I really wanted the large Sabrina. I managed to recently order one from but it came damaged and I sent it back. I then picked out the Audrey in black leather.

    Im confused because I have seen the leather described in various ways. Light weight leather, Olympic Leather, Shiny cowhide. What is the difference? How does this leather hold up? I am looking for an everyday bag. I have heard others desribe this purse as being metallic and that it flakes. Im scared to use it now because I dont want to take the chance of it flaking. Ive also heard that its not an every day bag.

    Im wondering if I would be better off to have the signature Audrey instead so I wouldnt have to worry about the flaking. I ADORE this bag but I want something that will hold up. So my question is, do I keep the leather bag knowing that it flakes for other people or should I exchange it for the signature one?

    Thanks so much for any advice!
  2. hi and welcome to the forum! the black audrey and sabrina leather in my opinion seems to hold up nicer than other madison colors. the colored leathers seem to kind of "wash out" i think you will be fine. if you have problems with it coach will replace it im sure. i dont like the fabric as much i think it run a better chance of messing up honestly. hope this helps!
  3. hi there. I think that you have maybe read some posts on the metalic black audrey.... I know that it had some issues. I haven't heard of any issues with the plain black one though. I would consider the leather audrey a great everyday bag and it should wear well, especially if you keep it well conditioned.
  4. I own the Periwinkle Audrey in Leather and so far no problems. She is durable and I get many compliments on her. She is Gorgeous in my opinion. I love the Audrey because I am a Satchel Girl. I say get her in Leather, you will not be sorry.

    Good Luck!
  5. :welcome2:

    I haven't heard of any problems with the regular black leather like you have, just some of the metallic leathers. IMO the Madison leather holds up really well and should be great as an everyday bag. Also, keep in mind that Coach really does stand behind their products, and if you do have any problems down the road, Coach will repair or replace the bag or give you credit for a new bag. So I'd carry her without any worries, she's a great bag!
  6. When I read that the metallic audrey will flake and its not an every day bag I went onto Ebay to see what it looks like and it looks just like my bag?? I just got mine from Coach and it said black shiny cowhide. So I'm hoping its not the metallic one! I did notice one little scuff and it appears like grayish untreated leather underneath. So there is a difference from the metallic black leather and the shiny cowhide leather??

    I know some of you will understand, but this bag is PERFECT for me. I have wanted her for months. I finally got her and now Im scared she will fall apart on me. I have 2 other coach purses that I ADORE and Ive had one for 4 years and one for 5 years and they look awesome. I want the Audrey to hold as as long because I love her that much!!

    Thanks so much for all the input!!!!! I really appreciate everyones advice!!!!!
  7. And I didnt think I was supposed to condition her. They said that if I put anything cleaners or anything on her that it would strip it??? Also, what do you guys think with it being the shiny cowhide? Do you think that I will be able to have her touched up if need be?
  8. Do you have a picture of your audrey? Does it have a chain strap or regular strap?
  9. I thought the Metallic Audrey had the chain strap. If you have the metallic version (chain strap and silver metal hangtag with jewel) then you cannot condition it.

    The Audrey's the have had peeling problems and flaking have been the Textured Metallic and the Ocelot ones.

    I have a spectator Audrey, which is the shiny cowhide. Looks like it will hold up just fine!
  10. Mine is all leather. It had a leather strap.
    Thanks so much for helping me figure this out!!!!!!!!!
  11. well it's not the metallic then. You should be fine. And you can condition your bag without problems. I conditioned my black hailey and it's from the the same line and it was just fine.
  12. When I look on ebay at the metallic one it just looks like black leather to me. I think thats why I got confused.

    Ok, so the regular shiny cowhide should hold up then? Long lasting??
  13. yep you're good!
  14. Ok! I'm breathing again!!!:happydance:
    Thanks so much everyone!
  15. Hello and welcome to TPF. I have the Audrey in periwinkle and it is glossy looking, but not like patent leather. I love it. I don't think there's any chance of it flaking.