ATTN: Please help

  1. My sister's birthday is coming up and she is really into chanel accessories. She's been telling me that she's been wanting to get these bangles that comes 4 in a set (black and white). I have a style number, can anybody help me locate this. Please help, I really would like to get this for her birthday, that would just make her so happy. style number is A33404.
  2. I would call CHANEL's CS
  3. I did call but they told me that the chanel stores don't have it anymore and to check Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc as they have different accessories for different stores.
  4. I think your best bet would to call around to those^^ stores they mentioned. I don't get much luck w/the 1-800 number- I do better searching on my own.
    Good luck hopefully someone can give you a lead!
  5. There's a thread with everyones' favorite SAs, I would pick one or two and call. If anyone can find it for you, it's these resourceful SA's. It's really helpful that you have the style #...
  6. As Of Sat.