Attn: Petite Noe owners!

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  1. can you please post pics of you wearing your Petite Noe?

    i'm been wanting to get one for the longest time but just not sure how it would sit on me

    i'm pretty petite so just afraid that it might be too big?

    also is it a pain to open and close the bag? since it uses a drawstring type closure and there is no clasp .. does the drawstring tend to come undone as you use it?

  2. It is a pain to open and close, and it does not look good if you leave it untied.
  3. i beg to differ. LV_addict (the one who kind of looks like victoria beckam not the one that has amazing pink hair) posted a picture a while ago with her noe and it was untied. that picture completely changed my mind about that bag.

    let me see if i can find the thread...

    edit: the picture is in post 18...i thought this bag was very 80s and should be retired before i saw i love it! :smile: there's lots of other pictures in that thread too.
  4. No, not dated at all! The shape is classic and you can pick up a used one inbeautiful condition on ebay for less than $300.
  5. Hi Lavie,
    Below is a pic of me (I am ~5'7"-5'8") with my Petit Noe. It's my favorite everyday shoulder bag!!! I tie the strings kind of half way and keep them like that (unless I am in a crowded place) for easy access. The bag fits A TON!!! I can't say enough good things about it!!!:love: And DO check out the tread that ilzabet posted about the Petit Noe. There are lots of great pics of ladies with their PNs as well.:biggrin:
  6. ^^ She also has the MC one. Seeing that one on her just completely changed my opinion on the MC noe. It's beautiful
  7. Me? I don't have a MC Noe.:sad: I WISH!!!

  8. I had the Mono Petite Noe and I'm five-feet tall. It is the most amazing bag in that the shape is a classic, it sits so nice on your shoulder, and fits a ton. The only reason I sold it is that I was getting tired of having to untie and tie the drawstring to get it. I open my bags all the time so it got to be a pain for me. The drawstring never same undone when I tied it.
  9. Hmm.. I thought it was you =( You seem to have all the beautiful bags hehehhe But yeah now I'm confused about who has it. She'll pop up soon though.
  10. i'm seriously thinking about getting a mono one. Used of course, because then i have less worries about weather. Plus if i dont like it i'm not out so much money and can just sell it. I'm just waiting to hear back from the seller.
  11. Used is the best way to go!!! You can get a bag in almost new cond. for half the price!!!
  12. i'm hoping to get a reasonable deal. The inside is clean which is most important to me. The bottom is marked a little but I figure less worries, plus i would just leave it turned upside down and let it tan :biggrin:

    I'm hoping for the best :smile:
  13. I am 5'1. I have the petite noe in epi, and it doesn't look too big. Drawstring issue can be solved by tying it somewhat loose so you can get in the bag without untying it. I don't have a pic of me wearing it...i have to get a camera from my boyfriend.
  14. Hi, I have this bag in epi noir and I NEVER use it, cos it's such a pain ITB!! I also find that it doesn't sit well on myshoulder, tending to slide off. This is such a shame - I bought it after I saw a stylish Italian lady with a well loved monogram one that looked sooo cool! ;( - maybe I'm just not cool enough! Gd luck!!