1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Ooooh noooo, I want that so bad! Just sold a bunch of Chloes and I promised myself I would be good and put the money in my savings for my move to AZ in December...but this one is calling to me baaaaad!
  2. I just love the leather on this one. And I don't think I've seen many Purse's in Ink. The combination of the style and color is really appealing. To bad they're discontinuing the style...:sad:
  3. i really really really like this.....
    but i can't! i'm trying to put $ aside for savings. argh!!! :hysteric:
  4. I saw one in Barneys on saturday, and I love this bag, but I can't! I already have an ink city!
  5. I already have an ink City, but my daughter borrowed it last week and I havent seen it since (which means its hers now pretty much...damn) so I was thinking of making an offer..I returned my bordeaux Purse B bag last week (too veiny) to Neimans....decisions! decisions!
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