Attn Glam hobo and moon hobo owners!

  1. Hey ladies! Need your help: I need modeling pics with either the Glam hobo or the Moon Bamboo hobo, preferably in guccissima leather. I'm debating between the two, and would like to see how they wear on the shoulder before deciding.

  2. It's not in Guccisimma but I did own the Glam Hobo for a few days before selling it on eBay. I got it at the sale last year. Hope this helps. I'm about 5 feet tall and 110lbs.

  3. I love it...does it come in black canvas?
  4. ^ Yes, I'm pretty sure it also came in the black canvas.
  5. Thanks mssmelanie! HUGE help!
  6. No problem!
  7. cute bag