Attention: All Gerard Darel wannabe owners!

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  1. Mods, if this is not okay, please close. I have gotten quite a few PMs from people who are asking me how I was able to order from the Gerard Darel store. I called the UK store, the number is 44 207 586 90 27 and I dealt with the manager, Gary, who was amazing to work with. (I am not affiliated with him in any way!) Anyway, I called him, and I've got two more python Utahs on the way! The nice thing is they have things in stock, and he ships as soon as you order. The do not deduct the VAT, but they include customs in the shipping price, so it still works out to be cheaper to order from them than Rumor with its discount code. AND much faster. Anyway, please let him know Reed referred you!
  2. hey purseinsanity, thanks for posting. I cannot wait to see your bags- I bet they are amazing! If you don't mind telling me, how much did your bags end up being?