Atlanta meet?

  1. I am just wondering how many live in/around Atlanta area and whether you would like meet at Lenox. We can have lunch and then go shopping at the LV boutique.
  2. I am in that area and would be interested.
  3. I am so interested:tup: Just let me knowwhen. It would be worth the drive from Kennesaw:yahoo:
  4. I live in the Powder Springs area.
  5. That is not so far. I would love to meet one Saturday for lunch and natually some LV shopping or browsing......:drool:
  6. I would loove to come! Yay for Atlanta Purse Bloggers!!
  7. I am in!!!

    I will be in LA, June 12th to 16th visiting family. After that, I will be avaliable!:yahoo: I just told my husband that we will be going to the Lv store. God help the American Express!!:drool:
  8. Let's meet!!
  9. Just let me know!!
  10. I would be interested in meeting my local LV lovers too.
  11. I live in south florida. But I will be in Atlana Ga from March 11th to the 16th if you guys having a meet. I will definately come. Just let me know.
  12. I would love to meet in Atlanta!
  13. I'm in!! Willing to assist in organizing the meeting :smile: :sunnies
  14. I am in
  15. So ladies, lets work on a date in which we can get together