at what price point would you not put shoes in checked luggage?

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  1. I suppose the same question could apply to bags as well.. but is there a certain price point where you'll not check your shoes, but rather carry them on? or is it more a question of how recognizable the brand is? or don't you care, you'll check anything?:cool:
  2. I check it all. I use my dustbags to protect shoes and purse and I layer them between clothing.
    I can't carry on so much after my purse and laptop.

  3. Same here. I travel every week for work and I have checked all of my shoes including Valentino Rockstuds, Manolos, Louboutins etc. The only thing I never check is jewelry. All jewelry (diamonds, tahitian pearls etc) are either being worn or in a cloth pouch zipped inside an interior pocket of a bag that doesn't leave my side.
  4. i carry on anything remotely valuable lol. too many horror stories of lost luggage.
  5. I try to do carry-on only but would check only what I can afford to lose.
  6. I try my hardest not to check luggage and have generally succeeded for many many years (the exception being sports gear). As a rule, if you don't want to lose it, don't check it. And if you can't carry it on, don't bring it.
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    I don't check any shoes that I would be upset to lose. I also keep my total luggage value under the airlines lost luggage compensation amount.
  8. I check anything. I spend lots of $$ on good quality, beautiful shoes to wear them, not leave them at home sitting in boxes. I like to look my best when traveling, I don't have cheaper shoes just for that purpose.

    in my 30+ years of traveling all over the world multiple times a year I've only had checked baggage not arrive 3 times, and each time I had my suitcase the next morning at the latest. never lost or had a thing stolen, even with unlocked suitcases in less secure parts of the world.

    and this isn't going to make me popular but I'm also of the belief that if losing a $900 pair of shoes is going to kill me, I can't afford them in the first place. will it suck? sure, but I'd rather risk the slim chance of losing the shoes than not get to enjoy wearing them as much as possible.

    the only valuable things I won't check are irreplaceable items, like family jewelry.
  9. I'm of the same mindset; stuff is meant to serve you, not the other way around. However, if you can take reasonable precautions against loss and theft, why wouldn't you? I only check what is easily replaceable. My jewelry goes with me, though (it's all family heirlooms, gifts from loved ones, etc).

    To be honest though, I'm always a light traveler. The last time I checked anything in was YEARS ago.

    The BF and I even trekked through Rome and Barcelona on a single backpack between us.
  10. I also check in all my shoes.... i will however have jewelries and a clutch bag in my carry on bag... this had worked for me for years... for my peace of mind and right in my comfort zone otherwise i won't enjoy my travels... to each his own i guess..
  11. I dunno I check expensive stuff when I travel and maybe I shouldnt but I haven't been screwed yet!!!!
  12. ITA. I like to bring at least at least one designer bag, pair of shoes, and dress when I travel, in case I get to go to a nice dinner. To prevent shoulder and back injuries, I like to carry as little as possible when schlepping thru the airport, so I check in everything except a tote bag with the essentials (wallet, glasses, keys, a little food, etc.). I just don't bring irreplaceable things when traveling.
  13. this :smile: i've never had anything totally disappear or stolen out of luggage either. i do pack a lot in my carry-on, and things that would be difficult to replace i do try to carry on as far as possible.
  14. I don't check in anything pricey, because I would be devastated if they were lost or stolen. Although this also means I have to guard my carry on with my life, because it has all my Chanel/Louboutin/jewelry pieces. 😜😜
  15. Yup - if I'm checking luggage at all, shoes go in it, dustbagged for protection.

    I don't take huge numbers of shoes with me anywhere anyway, but I've never had concerns about shoes being stolen from luggage - they're my shoes and I'm quite confident no one would want them...:biggrin: