Tech AT&T Rant

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  1. So today around noon during the inauguration, most of AT&T customers in the Atlanta area have no service. No phone calls, no text, and no internet. So since noon I have not been able to talk to anyone. I never knew how much I depended on my phone until now. I have been on AIM and YIM all day. I could deal with it for maybe a couple of hours, but not the whole day. What makes me really mad is if you have just a plain phone (meaning nothing fancy such as an iphone or smartphones) then you probably still have service. This is ridiculous. Hopefully tomorrow, I will have some type of service.
  2. Did you try calling AT&T to find out what the problem was?
  3. me and my bf both have at&t, I have the tilt and he has the iphone, we didn't loose service.....
  4. It's probably network congestion. It was expected to happen, I think...
  5. yea I dont know what it was about At&t service on campus. But yesterday it was down. It finally came back about 5 this morning.
  6. What part of Atlanta do you stay? I think it was just certain areas because I talked to other people in different areas and they were fine. However my campus had no service.
  7. I would call them. My AT&T is fine.
  8. my son at ga tech had no problems whatsover yesterday with our at&t - he has an i-phone. we live in the northern 'burbs and had no problems all day either. better call them...
  9. aw, i'm sorry that happened. i live outside of dc and have AT&T and didn't have any problems...i wonder why atlanta did?
  10. I would call them and see what the problem is.
  11. It was just an outage here on Spelman's campus but it came back on around 5 am.