At 33, what anti-aging products, specifically serums do you like best?

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  1. I am 33 and realized I have never actually been using anti-aging products. My skin looks pretty good. I have very fine wrinkles on my forehead, vertical lines on my upper lip that are a little more prominent and lines around my eyes.

    Currently I use the Clarisonic Opal for my eyes and it works wonders for a few hours as well as Neocutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP.

    For my face, I notice the best results for the deeper wrinkles between my eyes that the Clarisonic Mia works wonders as well as for my vertical lines on my upper lips. I am not wonderful at using the Clarisonic though especially in the summer when I am self tanning because I want the tanner to last longer.

    I wear sunscreen everyday and usually add a powder sunscreen on top throughout the day but since Bare Essentials discontinued their mineral sunscreen, I haven't found one I like a lot.

    Okay so I am looking for a serum because it seems to penetrate the skin the best so Id rather spend more money on that. I live in Istanbul but will spend the summer in Louisiana at my parents before I get married and the weather is sweltering hot and humid so Ill only use a light moisturizer during the day although my face is becoming drier as I get older... anything thick will slide everything right off though. At night I can use thicker products... right now I use Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Sleeping Facial and I used to love it but its not leaving my face as soft and moisturized feeling in the morning now.

    I do use Retin-A from time to time but a lot of times I am not taking the time to wash my face, let it dry, put on retin-A, wait 20 minutes to soak in then adding my other products.

    What do you recommend?
  2. Check out Kiehls for their anti aging line. They have a variety of products to use during day or night. One thing that I was thinking as I was reading your post is how much you might like the midnight recovery by Kiehls. Also, for daytime serum, have you tried Caudalie vino perfect radiance serum?

    Let us know how you progress in your search. Good luck.
  3. Try out the Clarins double serum and their face oil, I love the combo
  4. While it's not a traditional anti-aging product, I've been using a fermented essence (similar to SKII's Facial Treatment Essence) and it's made a very noticeable difference in the softness, smoothness, and radiance of my skin in just one week! I've noticed my fine smile lines have softened as well.

    I thought I'd mention this category of product because you said you wanted a something that could really penetrate the skin. The reason why these essences are so effective is because the molecules in the product are structured in a way that allows our skin to readily absorb the product more effectively. They also just feel like you're putting water on your face so it doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy at all.

  5. I'm also 33, so have similar skincare goals :smile:
    It depends on your skin and how much money you want to spend.
    Retinol and SPF are key for prevention. There are a lot of retinol serums/ creams, so you just have to find one that's right for you. I really like Peter Thomas Roth's retinol oil with C+E.
    A good moisturizer can also help help make your skin look better. Kate Sommerville's age arrest is great. I also love La Mer. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way and it's amazing.
    A great site is The founder rates products based on their chemical properties. It's helpful. Or just go into sephora and tell them your concerns. They're great with samples and usually pretty knowledgable.
  6. Another great serum is the Estee Lauder one. I alternate nights with that and my retnoil.
  7. I adore Paula's Choice serums.
  8. I really really really like Shiseido's Bioperformance line for anti-aging. For 33, I suggest the bioperformance advanced super restoring cream (if your skin is dry), if your skin is normal or combination, I recommend the bioperformance advanced super revitalizer. they really do work, in my experience at least. It's their number one selling cream.
  9. Estee Lauder revitalizing supreme global anti-aging cream
    Mario bedescu vitamin c serum
    Murad renewing Eye cream
  10. If you have lines that you want to make disappear, try eucerin serum followed by the night cream. I did not think it was possible without surgery, but it really does make Lines go away. It is also relatively inexpensive, but the science behind the products is obviously sound.
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  11. Estée Lauder advance night repair serum (the brown bottle) is really good and you can also use it in the morning.
    Any serum from Paula's Choice
    Products with retinol (Pestle & Mortar has a great retinol oil)
    And I agree with NYCshopgirl: when in doubt, check out the reviews on

    Good luck!