1. Astropill.jpg

    does anyone have this? im wondering if its worth it to buy one...its cute!!!:wlae:
  2. I know Star has one, it's somewhere in her massive showcase thread ! :graucho:
  3. I love how the mono astropill looks on the papillon :heart:
  4. I have the mono Astropill and I love it..LOL...Its on my keychain everday.....
  5. Very cute item, but is it worth the price? It is very small and does not serve much of a purpose.
  6. i'll have to go against the majority and say that it really isn't worth the price for something so useless. you might as well go with one of the Inclusion Speedy Keyrings; they don't cost much more
  7. do you have a pic of the inclusion key rings? im actually looking for something to hang on my damier speedy 30 & batignolles. Any ideas??? im not into scarfs.....
  8. Here you go, rice..and remember, they're also coming out with the new white and berry (dark pink) ones soon. You can see them on the LV site.

    As for the Astropill, it's cute but IMO, it's a waste of money. I think they could have done without the RED light, as well. Ick.
  9. I agree that it is a lot of money. Personally, I would use the money on something else.
  10. I think the astropill is cute - kitschy but cute. It's not practical or useful at all but if you have the money then by all means! :P
  11. I bought one and returned it the next day. I just couldn't justify the price tag.
  12. I have both MC astropills...they're cute, but not something I would've bought with my own money :lol: