astrology..natal charts?

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I posted this link in another thread but revisited it after I thought of it and wanted to share!
    Ive been interested in astrology all my life but have found it a bit overwhelming when trying to understand the complexity of the houses and transits beyond your run-pf-the-mill sun sign horoscope..
    My mom had my chart done by a "professional: for christmas..she wrote it all out longhand on ruled paper which was kindof endearing but I found it wasnt really least her interpretation..
    Is anyone here heavily into astrology?

    I found this link in the summer to get a free natal chart.. its an Italian site I think and they offer a whole bunch of free charts.. from basic natal interpretation to occupation, love compatibility and past life..
    you have to know the exact time you were born though for a proper reading..I did a year forecast, and occupation guide and found both really interesting!
    You have to wait about a week for the chart to come by email but IMHO it is worth it and as far as I can tell they do not sell your email or anything..i have never recieved a followup or been added to a list..I think its just an honest to goodness free service..!? And it was surprisingly accurate and interesting!

    Another fun site that is more novelty is
    they have a tarot reading that I have found to be eerily accurate!

    OT Im standing outside getting a wireless signal and my hair is FROZEN!!:wtf: Ive only been out here like 10min!!

    mods: to make certain I am not affiliated with these sites..I just found them to be very interesting and wanted to share! hope that is ok!

    blessed be:yes:
  2. I've been into astrology my entire life kuz my mom had books about everything and anything in the house, and I gravitated towards the Arts & Music encyclopedias and the books on metaphysics and astrology. I even wrote a weekly horoscope for my college newspaper, and given consultations. It's fun. I don't look at astrology as a religion or a fortune-telling method. To me is just another tool to study personality types, motives, fears, etc.
  3. I'm very much intro astrology and had a natal chart reading [where the planets/moon were at the very moment you were born, so you do need to know the time of day and where you were born for it to be accurate] as well as a Saturn Return reading when I was in my late 20s. [in astrology, Saturn is the teaching planet, and takes approx 28 years to rotate the sun as opposed to the Earth taking one year]. Theoretically, at the time of your Saturn Return (at approx age 28 or so) one attains wisdom - or should - otherwise it could take another 28 years or so for Saturn to come around again and 'teach'. That's a very 100,000' generalistic view on the whole thing, but it's pretty dang cool once you dig deeper.
  4. Actually, our friend Jupiter is the Planet of Wisdom and good fortune. Saturn is a tough planet. Its location on the chart shows where your greatest challenges are to be found, your life lessons. It also rules hard work, discipline, planning, and society's influence over the individual, among other things. That's why it's known as The Great Teacher. But wisdom is another story--its transcendental and spiritual, combining knowledge and intuition. The moon, too, plays a big role here.
  5. I love charts!! I had my chard read about two years and I keep telling myself that I want it done very soon but I haven't had the chance. Most children who are born in the India have a chart done for the time right after they're born with the exact time and birth place.It's written in a book and they keep it to help guide them with their future choices, plans, bad dates, etc.
  6. I was into Celtic runes when I was 16... They can be very accurate.

    Anyone knows any free charts on line in English?
  7. I am so so interested in astrology, it's nice to see I'm not the only one!
  8. The link I posted has an English version..just click on the UK Flag at the left corner when you open the page! :smile:
  9. You make your own destiny, I don't believe in any of this, sorry!
  10. That is a great site dequincy thanks!