1. Nordstrom MOA just received one piece from the "Astrakan" collection. This collection is without doubt my FAVORITE collection from Fall/Winter 2007. This style in particular is my favorite of the three available styles.

    The collection features wrinkled lambskin that is stitched into an even more wrinkled pattern. It is meant to look like the Russian furs that are used in hats and muffs. The hardware is a very bright white silver. The interior is a dark bordeaux canvas. The style in the photo retails for $2495.

    This is the only piece that Nordstrom MOA will receive in this style. It is a very limited collection due to the massive amount of work that the detailing requires.
    Astrakan Bowler.JPG
  2. There is also a small flap version of this bag, too.
  3. CHANELboy, do you have or will you be getting anything in grey? I especially love the lady braid bowler but basically just any bag in grey would be great...
  4. ver nice! tnx for posting
  5. Is the Astrakan bowler still available?
  6. Yes, it is still available.
  7. Nordstrom MOA just received the Astrakan tote for $3350.
    Astrakan Tote.JPG
  8. hi i wanted to ask if the astrakan comes in brown. i really love the design of the bag.
  9. The bag is pretty, but so expensive!
  10. I would like to know that too!!
  11. Any pictures on the flap? TIA!

  12. I saw Astrakan bowler in Neiman Marcus in Atlanta, GA. Here is the phone # 404-266-8200, ask for Paige she is really nice ;)
  13. thanks for the heads up!
  14. I saw the flap bag yesterday at Chanel and it's gorgeous......
  15. I saw the bag in NM Natick in three different sizes, it is amazing! I want one!