1. has anyone bought from what was your experience like?

    anyone bought from canada?

  2. How is this relevant to Chloe? It doesn't look like they sell Chloe!
  3. they sure do! you just have to stick chloe in their search feature.
  4. I've bought from ASOS in the UK and delivery has always been pretty fast and I had no problems with returning items - but you have to pay for postage yourself.
  5. I found the Chloe God they are VERY expensive! You might as well just buy from Holts in Canada!
  6. i know re: prices... but i'm looking for a mousse paddy and asos has them in stock. plus i found a 10% off coupon. it's the customs fees i'm most worried about. also shipping internationally.
  7. Oh wow, I am dying for a Mousse paddy too.....

    as for the customs, you should only have to pay 3% + taxes (depending on the province you are in). If they charge you more you can apply for a customs adjustment from the Canada customs.

    With todays exchange rates it should cost you around $1400 cdn. Thank God for the current exchange rates....
  8. Ok I am really tempted!
  9. wow, is that true about customs?!!?? last time i ordered from the US I paid over $100 on a $300 bag.

    is it different buying from the UK??

    i'm totally going for it if you're right... how do i find out for sure?
  10. PM'd you details...