Ask me why my husband is so cool...

  1. Okay, I'll go ahead and tell you...Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and he gave me a very generous eluxury gift certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :biggrin:

    Yippie!!!! *Dancing*:cool:
  2. happy anniversary!!!:love: :love: ;)
  3. Yippee! VERY nice gift! Your DH IS so cool!
    Happy Anniversary! Have fun!
  4. Happy Anniversary, Buttery!
  5. Thank you! *HUGS*
  6. Congrats & happy anniversary! Soooooooooooo ..... what are you going to get?
  7. Awww, congrats, Buttery! That is wonderful, what a sweet DH :love:

    What are you going to buy?! :nuts:
  8. woooohoooo!! yes tell tell... what are you going to get?
  9. Happy Anniversary....what a sweet husband! What are you getting?
  10. Now that's cool! Congrats Buttery can't wait to see what you get!
  11. Happy Anniversary! What a nice gift, lucky you!
  12. Happy 6th anniversary! What a sweet hubby you have! Here's wishing you many more years to come! Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations and happy anniversary to you two. What a sweetheart!
  14. Why is your DH so cool? :biggrin:

    That's so awesome!! Congrats!!! And please share pics of what you get.
  15. wowww wat would u get? endless possibilities!!