Asia's Wedding Of The Year

  1. Asia's most famous singer & Malaysia's No.1 singer & the first singer in the world to win the highest number of awards throughout her 10 years of singing career as stated by Guinness Of World Records & 3rd Asia singer to perform at Royal Albert Hall In London, Siti Nurhaliza, married today in a lavish ceremony attended by Malaysia's royal families & media all over Asia.

    Siti Nurhaliza Weds Datuk K * **

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 (Bernama) -- In just one breath, the nation's pop darling, Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, 27, was officially married to businessman Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, 47, at a historic ceremony here Monday. It is the first wedding of a local artiste to be broadcast live on television in Malaysia.

    Private television station TV3, which was awarded the exclusive rights to broadcast the couple's wedding at the Federal Territory Mosque in Jalan Duta here, also aired live the engagement ceremony, which was conducted in full Malay traditional custom at the Dewan Solat, about half an hour before the akad nikah (exchange of vows).

    Siti, as she is affectionately called, was elegantly dressed in baju kurung of white French lace by Soltiss with blue accents and crystals replete with veil and selendang for the akad nikah, specially created by popular designer Radzuan Razwill.

    She appeared composed after the akad nikah was finally performed at 11.40am.

    Her marriage to Khalid, better known as Datuk K, was performed by the FT's Islamic Religious Department (Jawi), Registrar of Marriage, Divorce and Reconciliation, Nasroddin Mat Daud.

    At the ceremony, Khalid presented a dowry of RM22,222 cash, a figure signifying the date the Quran became the Islamic sacred book, the word of God as dictated to Prophet Muhammad and written down in Arabic.

    The solemnisation ceremony was held in conjunction with the Muslim calendar of 27 Rejab 1427 Hijrah, that is during the Israk and Mikraj. (Israk means the night journey made by Prophet Muhammad from the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Mikraj means the Prophet's accession to heaven. It is during the Mikraj that God gave the command making it obligatory for all Muslims to observe the five daily prayers).

    The solemnisation ceremony was attended by the Tengku Muda Pahang, Yang di-Pertua Negeri Melaka Tun Khalil Yaakob and his wife and the Deputy Prime Minister's wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

    After the ceremony, Khalid put a solitaire diamond-laden white gold ring onto Siti Nurhaliza's slender finger.

    In return, the songbird who won the Popular Star Award since 1997, put a ring on Khalid's.

    The bride who was born in Kampung Awah, Temerloh, Pahang, received seven trays of gifts with a traditional pink, gold and cream concept called "Cindai" -- one of Siti's popular songs -- from Khalid. The gifts comprised RM30,000 cash, traditional sweets, the Quran, a set of gems, a piece of lacy material, handbag and wristwatch.

    In exchange, Siti Nurhaliza gave Khalid nine trays of gifts with a contemporary silver and green concept called "Sebenar Cinta" (True Love) comprising a songket sampin, a set of baju Melayu buttons, wristwatch, ring, cake, belt with matching wallet, a set of cuff links and a tuxedo.

    The engagement ceremony began at 10.30am with the exchange of pantun in full Malay custom. It culminated in Khalid's mother putting a diamond ring on Siti Nurhaliza's finger.

    During the engagement ceremony, Siti Nurhaliza sat on a bridal dais called "Mahligai Permata" (Castle of Gems) with a traditional Perak design. The mountain-shaped dais was placed in the mosque's Dewan Muslimat.

    There, she received five trays of gifts from Khalid named "Adiwarna" -- another Siti Nurhaliza's song -- comprising a ring, sweets, a necklace, robe and "sirih junjung" (betel leaves stacked on each other).

    In exchange, she gave Khalid seven trays of gifts called "Sanggar Bayu" comprising sirih junjung, bunga rampai (finely shredded pandan leaves and fragrant flower petals), fruits, the Quran, a prayer mat, a cake and a pair of baju Melayu complete with Pahang-made sampin.

    All the gifts were prepared by Nusantara GEMS, a company owned by Datuk Shah Rezza who was engaged as the consultant for the wedding.

    Shah Rezza recently said the cost of preparing today's ceremonies and the reception at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Aug 28 was only RM500,000 not RM12 million as speculated.

    The ceremonies were held under tight security with only invited guests allowed to enter the mosque's halls.

    -- BERNAMA

    Below is a video of her performing live in an award show months ago singing Biarlah Rahsia, a declaration of her love to her husband, Datuk Khalid, Malaysia's multi-millionaire businessman.
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  2. Performing live at Royal Albert Hall In London:
    YouTube - Siti Nurhaliza - Diari Hatimu, Kau Kekasihku

    Live at Dataran Merdeka:
    YouTube - Siti_Nurhaliza_Mawi-Seroja

    Saturday August 12, 2006

    Siti’s wedding sparklers

    Everyone’s in a tizzy about Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding. Now that the designers of her gowns have been announced, the focus shifts to the jewellery she will wear. KEE HUA CHEE gets frantic.*

    Tracy OngLAST week, pop princess Siti Nurhaliza and her betrothed Datuk Khalid Jiwa (or Datuk K to the rest of us), sailed into Elegance Club at Bangsar Shopping Centre, causing a major commotion as shoppers and curious passers-by stopped to gawk. *

    Their mission?*

    To pick the gold and diamond pieces for Siti’s big day. *

    The pop princess wore dark glasses, jeans and over-sized white shirt, and so did her beau, prompting me to suspect that she was wearing his shirt! This is a common enough occurrence among lovebirds and soon-to-be-weds, I am told.*

    Her entourage included bodyguards and two of her five wedding gown designers, Michael Ong and Khoon Hooi. *

    Khoon Hooi is supposed to design Siti’s gown for the cake-cutting ceremony and Michael Ong, her carriage-ride wear. Natrah Hisham is designing the private parties gowns and Radzuan Radziwill, the all-important bersanding ceremony attire.*

    Radzuan is making a white kebaya with songket specially woven by Wan Manam of Terengganu, for the bersanding at the KLCC on Aug 28, a baju kurung of white French lace by Soltiss with blue accents and crystals replete with veil and selendang for the akad nikah (exchange of vows) on Aug 21, and a pinkish-yellow ensemble with tulle and net for the gathering at her hometown in Kuala Lipis, Pahang, on Sept 3. *

    “Like most designers,” says Radzuan, “I am not concerned about the gems but more the design and colour of the stones. To me, diamonds are the best as they go with anything, more so when my garments are in white, creamy white and champagne tones.” *

    Lest the groom is forgotten, let it be known that the designers are also making matching suits and Baju Melayu for Datuk K.*

    According to Tracy Ong, 43, owner of Elegance Club, “Siti has exquisite tastes and is very feminine in her choice of jewellery. She prefers small, discreet diamonds and precious stones rather than huge, chunky ones. Of course, there are a few necklaces with big central stones for effect as these big rocks are central to the overall design. Siti loves diamonds, but her favourite is rubies. *

    “I fully agree with Siti’s choices as her jewels reflect her personality and physique. Siti is slim with slender fingers and wrists, so over-sized rings and bangles will look clumsy on her. She is not the ‘show-off’ type and prefers dainty and pretty things.”*

    The only showy and dramatic jewels are Siti’s tiaras, one glowing red with rubies and another encrusted with pearls and diamonds, though she has yet to finalise her picks. As Elegance Club counts royalty among its clientele, they are no strangers to tiaras. Says Ong, “Members of royalty have commissioned me to create tiaras over the years so Elegance Club is one of the few local jewellers that specialise in making tiaras. For Siti, we worked round the clock to produce eight tiaras for her to choose *******from.” *

    According to Siti’s designers, she plans to wear three to four tiaras for the various ceremonies. Should our darling songbird choose the most elaborate and diamond-laden version, it would cost a pretty penny, setting Datuk K back by a million ringgit but what’s hard cold cash compared to hot smouldering love? *

    Remarkably (or maybe not), Datuk K shares the same tastes as his wife-to-be. Marvels Ong, “They seem to speak with one voice. When I show the jewels to them, they usually point to the same item! They know each other so well as if by instinct.”*

    It was Datuk K who introduced Siti Nurhaliza to Ong, who has been supplying precious trinkets *******to his family for years. Ong has been in the trade for 20 years. She got her start in the wholesale gold business with her brother. After establishing Metro Jewellery at Bukit Bintang Plaza, she went on to open five goldsmith shops with her brother. *

    “I love designing jewellery; it’s in my blood,” says Ong. “That was why I gave up wholesale in gold jewellery as that’s in the medium-to-low end (spectrum) of the industry. I decided to venture into gem-set jewels at the upper end to allow me to design outstanding suites.”*

    Elegance Club appeared 10 years ago with the first shop at Sunway Pyramid. Ong later moved to Mid Valley Megamall before settling on Bangsar Shopping Centre five years ago. In 2004, she took over the adjoining shop and says she is ready to expand further should a neighbour decide to move.*

    Today, Ong is known for her enviable clientele, ranging from royalty to socialites. Unlike most stores, Elegance Club usually has its doors locked. *

    “I have few walk-in customers,” explains Ong. “Of course, we welcome them but the bulk of my business come from regulars, customers who have become friends over the years, like Becky Leogardo and Sally Ghafar. They are kind enough to recommend me to their friends, and that’s how I keep going. *

    “All my jewels are one-of-a-kind so they know if they buy something, no one else will be wearing the same thing.”*

    Still single, Ong succeeded in her career through sheer grit and determination. “I am not from a rich family. When I started, I used to carry my jewels in a bag and go from house to house doing home service.” *

    She still does house calls, but it’s mostly VIPs’ mansions that she visits nowadays!

  3. Thank you Dior for sharing this...quite beautiful.
  4. Sunday Interview: ‘Once-in-a-lifetime experience’
    20 Aug 2006
    Hafidah Samat
    Meet the wedding planner. Datuk Shah Rezza Datuk Khalid talks to HAFIDAH SAMAT about the facts and myths of the Wedding of the Year.

    Q: Reports have it that the wedding will cost RM12,888,88 and that your fee alone will touch RM1.5 million.

    A: I was appalled when I read about the alleged cost. I have been especially affected by the story as people called me for clarification.

    I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about it, especially because of the damage control involved. I have explained the real situation to many people. The worst was when my suppliers demanded an increase in fees as they said I’m worth more than a million ringgit now.

    Q: There has been much interest in the hantaran (gifts) said to have cost a bomb.

    A: The speculation is untrue. The hantaran will fuse contemporary and traditional motifs. Gifts such as bunga pinang, tekat Perak, bunga Gim, halwa betik and tenun Pahang are local products.

    Q: As a veteran wedding planner with 20 years of experience, do last-minute hiccups occur?

    A: As far as preparations are concerned, everything is under control. The ceremonies — the akad nikah and reception at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on Aug 28 — are being done on a moderate scale.

    I’ve tailor-made everything to suit a TV production. Insyallah, everything will run smoothly. Since the reception at KLCC is an indoor event, I need not worry about the weather.

    Q: Would you consider this the most challenging wedding you have organised?

    A: People have high expectations of the wedding. Newspaper reports are describing it as lavish. But the total budget is inside RM500,000. Half of that is for the food, with the rest for hall decorations and other wedding paraphernalia. I just want everything to run smoothly. I’ve done my best and the rest, I leave in God’s hands.

    Q: Malaysians will get to see their first "live" Malaysian wedding tomorrow. How does it feel to be the man planning the wedding?

    A: It’s an honour to work with Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa and Siti Nurhaliza. I’m excited. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am happy for both of them. If Datuk Khalid and his family had had their way, they would have kept the wedding private right up to the big day. But he couldn’t because of Siti’s status as one of the top singers and her loveable personality.

    Q: Why did Datuk Khalid choose you?

    A: The wedding involves the nation’s No 1 singer. I guess I know pretty much what works and what doesn’t after having dabbled in show business for a long time. It’s not easy organising everything within a short period of time (Shah Rezza had about a month to plan the wedding after Siti Nurhaliza announced it last month). I’ve had to work under tremendous constraints, including shortage of time, besides balancing the budget. But I’m used to challenges and doing things at the last minute. I guess Datuk Khalid has faith in me.

    Q: How many people have been commissioned to work on the wedding?

    A: I have about 200 people involved in the wedding. They include my 20-member staff, the TV3 production team, dancers from Pak Ngah Productions, gamelan musicians as well as a troupe of ballet dancers.

    Q: Is this a fairy tale wedding for Siti Nurhaliza?

    A: I suppose so. Why not? After all, she is marrying a man she truly loves. They are very much in love.

    Q: What can we expect from the Aug 28 reception?

    A: I want to make the most of it. I want guests to go home feeling happy. There will be a cultural performance, entertainment by local and Indonesian artistes and good food. The wedding is tailor-made for Siti Nurhaliza’s fans. There will also be a pleasant surprise for TV viewers, as well as guests, that evening, which I am not talking about now.

    Q: The performance boasts an impressive line of artistes. Are you flying in Indonesian singers?

    A: Yes. While some have not confirmed their attendance, Kris Dayanti, Rossa and Melly Goeslow are definitely coming. Local artistes include Ziana Zain, Ezlynn, Too Phat and nasyid group Hijjaz.

    Q: What is your greatest fear about the wedding?

    A: Honestly, not much. I pray for the couple’s happiness and may Allah bless their marriage.
  5. You'll be surprised to find out that she owned lots of LV Bags, mostly limited edition & 5 Hermes Birkins, one of them is a HAC birkin in black croc and 1 kelly.
  6. ^ wow, i want her collection! LOL!

    thanks for sharing!
  7. cool
  8. Is there an engagment ring? What are the specs?
  9. That's not the end of her wedding day. It's the beginning.

    28th August: Majlis Persandigan/ Wedding Dinner held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia attended exclusively by VIPs from royal families all over Malaysia to celebrities from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and London. It will be a fairy-tale wedding with the bride being brought to the location by horse-drawn carriage. Red carpet will be served for celebs to walk down and interviewed live ala Oscars style and fans will observed along the well-guarded area. The wedding will be shown live on TV3, local Malaysian channel at 9pm.

    3rd September: Another Majlis Persandingan/Wedding Dinner held at Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia for Siti Nurhaliza's die-hard fans in a fairy-tale wedding style. The procession will be shown live on TV3, local Malaysian channel at 11pm.

    The wedding is full of tradition based on Malay and Islamic culture. What is special is 28th September is Siti's parents' wedding anniversary. And today, the wedding day, is the celebration day for the Muslims called Israk/Mikraj where Muslims will conduct special prayers to signify this special day.

    Her diamond ring is specially flown in from Paris and is worth around RM400,000 equivalent to US$109,013.96. :nuts:

    The diamond tiara with blue precious stones setting that she wore in the pic valued at RM1.2 million = US$327,050.85. She will be wearing four more diamond tiaras in for the other 2 wedding days each value in millions of dollars. Her jewellery which she wore thoroughout the wedding days altogether cost some RM20 million = US$5,449,941.10.

    The total value of the wedding rumoured to cost around RM12 million plus but rumours has it most are sponsored so the bride and the groom only spent around RM500,000.

    The groom is a tycoon worth millions and millions of US$!!!, given the honor to be called as Datuk, one of the highest honorary title given to succesful individuals by the Malaysian government and the bride, singer Siti Nurhaliza or now known as Datin Siti Nurhaliza (after married to her husband) has a net fortune of around US$22,927,214.23 not including her mega empire, Siti Nurhaliza Productions.

    Mega-rich people. :angel:
  10. In Islamic tradition, the engagement itself is not a really big deal, meaning you don't get any jewelry when you get engaged. The jewelry comes as part of a dowry from the groom to the bride and is given to the bride during the akad nikah. Jewelry/money as a dowry serves to help the bride just in case she needs money in the future. The amount of jewelry of course depends on how much the groom can afford :lol:

    Siti Nurhaliza is very popular in Southeast Asia. Her wedding is one of the highly anticipated events of the year down here. She is often called "a diva" but she doesn't display any divalike demands ;)

    Unfortunately, there is rather dark side to this fairy tale wedding:shrugs: There have been stories (read: tabloid stories) that Siti is the reason Datuk K left his wife:sad:. His wife once attempted reconciliation but apparently Datuk K wasn't interested.

    Anyhoo, Siti's wedding is something to behold.
  11. She received two rings. One engagement ring called cincin pertunangan after majlis pertunangan and the other is a wedding ring, worth RM400,000= US$109,013,96 given after the akad nikah. Both functions held on the same day.

    Her diamond ring is in the 2nd pic but is covered by the watermark thing. Her diamond ring may not be as expensive as Hollywood celebs received worth millions of US$ but to me, how many guys will give that kind of diamond ring worth that value to a girl? :girlsigh:
  12. Wonderful. Maybe they should make a donation to help the poorer Muslims in Malaysia who are the main sources of fundamentalist recruitment. If this singer has such star power, she really should do more outreach programs to help these people who have suffered from poor government policies which have made them vulnerable. Or does Islam prohibit women from taking such an active role in social work?

    What do you think? I love Malaysia but think that the income disparity is a key structural weakness. You don't want it to become like a Philippines or an Indonesia where muslim fundamentalists serve as a key structural hurdle to positive economic development and a threat to domestic social order.

    And watch the growing Badawi/Mahathir heated exchanges.

    I would love to hear your thoughts. Regards.
  13. I've interviewed Siti NUrhaliza before when she came to HK and she was so sweet and don't act like certain divas do. She dressed humbly, always smile and is so beautiful. She never forgot her origins, coming from a poor family, now she is successful and gave her parents and siblings a new lease of life away from poverty. Her brother and sis-in-law work as personal assistants for her and she also opened a hair salon business for her younger sister. She's very devoted to her duty as a Muslim. She asked me whether she could pray for a while. I was so touched by her sincerity.

    About the part where Datuk K left his ex-wife for Siti was not true. They started their relatonship only after Datuk K divorced his wife.

    Here's the article:
    Siti: I didn’t steal anyone’s hubby

    By S.S. YOGA

    PETALING JAYA: Pop diva Siti Nurhaliza said she is no home-wrecker and did not steal another woman’s husband.*

    Siti said it was “quite hurtful” to hear what people were saying about her breaking up the marriage of her soon-to-be husband Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, 47, and his ex-wife Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham, 43.*

    She said she only got to know Khalid after her Royal Albert Hall concert in London in April last year, adding theirs was initially a business relationship.*

    “I have done no wrong and it is better to keep silent and be patient,” said Siti, who together with Khalid met the press at a tea reception here yesterday. *

    “The people who would know the real situation are the Jawi (Federal Territory Religious Council) officials.”*

    On the topic, Khalid said: “This is the question I have been waiting for. In all sincerity and as a Muslim, I’d like to say that my relationship with Siti started after the divorce. *

    “Siti had in no way any connection with the divorce. If you check with Jawi, which carried out their investigations, you will know that this is true.”*

    He said he had divorced Tengku Zawyah in 1998 due to certain problems but they remarried within three months for the sake of their children and because “I wanted to give it another chance.”*

    “However, I divorced her later because there were transgressions against the agreement of the marriage, though I must admit I have to take some of the blame too,” said Khalid.*

    It was reported that Khalid performed the takliq (oral declaration of divorce) in February 2004 and the court granted the divorce on March 12 last year.*

    Khalid also said his courtship with Siti was “a difficult one” as she was a public figure and they could not go dating or hold hands, for instance.*

    “Besides, I have failed once in my marriage and I wanted to make sure I don’t fail this time,” he said.*

    Khalid said he first fell in love with Siti after he visited her at her Kuala Lipis home and she was dressed simply in a batik sarong and T-shirt. *

    “For me, it was amazing that a celebrity could be so unpretentious,” he said, adding that when he saw her walking up the stairs, he had strong feelings for her, prompting a reporter to remark:*

    “When you saw her thighs ...” leaving the room in laughter.*

    Siti recalled receiving a call from Khalid while he was on a flight one day and thinking “Could it be that he has feelings for me?”*

    On the cost of their wedding which one tabloid speculated could be more than RM12mil, Khalid said the figure was grossly exaggerated, and that as far as he knew, it had not even reached RM1mil.*

    “Many of the items are gifts or sponsored, like the clothes and accessories.”*

    Khalid said that hopefully, his third son, Mohd Ashraf, 14, would attend the wedding. *

    “My sons have no objections at all to my marrying Siti. They want to attend but they also want to be with their mother. I am proud of that as I have raised them to think of their parents and they want to be with their mother at this time,” said Khalid.*
  14. The money which TV3 paid to the couple for the live telcast wedding is donated to the Yayasan Malaysia, one of Malaysia's biggest charity. I was told during her wedding at Kuala Lipis, orphaned students from various orphanage homes will be coming to enjoy the sumptuous dinner. Siti Nurhaliza is well-known to be a philantropist. This wedding is just an extension to her wealth. Every year during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, she invited many poor families to her mansion to celebrate the festival together with them.

    Malaysia is no longer the same Malaysia as it used to be. Many Malaysians are becoming more successful. Islam does not prohibit women from taking an active role. Malaysian & Singaporean muslims are different from Middle East. Their governments are very supportive and many of the women there had become successful in their roles. They have the freedom to wear anything they want unlike Saudi Arabia. As a muslim, I do not like any terrorists like Osama because they are a disgrace to the Muslim nation. We Muslims believed that they don't really sincerely carrying out their so-called beliefs. They have other intentions that they use but covered them up with Muslim beliefs.

    Income disparity to me can be prevented by giving them education and encouraged them to be successful in their future lives. This is what many philantropists today are doing including Bill Gates which is to make them independent and not forever depending on social welfare.
  15. I'm curious about one thing:

    Why whenever a rich person have an extravagant wedding or buy a lot of handbags are accused as not helping the poor? It's hurtful to me and many other PFers here, toreilly. A person may spend lavishly on something but at the same time, do his/her part in helping the others. It's an extension of their wealth. They want to enjoy what life has to offer but at the same time, do good deeds. I spent a lot on my birkins and my designer clothes but that does not mean I do not help the poor.

    Whether a person spend lavishly or help the poor is a personal issue.