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    Hi guys, I am new here. I am a female Asian American and I want to get a nose job in Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Philipine...any of these places. I heard the cost over there is so much lower than in the states. If you are asian and you had ur nose done pls let me know~ my email: x
    For all those asian out there that want to get a nose job too, let's go together! I want to have someone accompany me to the consultation with the doctor and to split hotel cost. I've been thinking about this for a long time and I plan to go in July or Aug 06.
  2. My friend got one here and it costed under $1500. Yes, it's cheaper over there but I think it's best to have it here...for follow-ups or in case something happen.

    I have always wanted to get one...but I don't think I will get one.
  3. I'm interested in going in with someone and being there for the consultation, but I'm not sure if I want to do it. I'd probably be more inclined to do a boob job instead.
  4. I want to get one but my parents won't allow it. Same for the eyelid surgery, although I do have double lids, I just want a slightly more wide eyed look.

    *sigh* if only canadians were allowed to apply to extreme makeover! :smile:
  5. I'm with you there alice...haha
  6. i need a nose job badly, not only because i didnt set my nose after i smashed it in karate, thought the tournie was more important then my looks but that was because i was still in my adorable stage lol, 7th grade...not so much anymore. but the actual nose job will be the front of my nose. just take it away PLEASE~! i hate those angled profile mirrors, makes me feel SO self concious. doesnt matter that i have a tan (indie), and comfortable with my body, but your face is the first thing you see, like guys that are interested are more of the guys that have known me for a while, so i guess i should be happy that its my personality that attracts them but lol come on shallow obsession incouraged here right! i want to feel good when i see my profile.. hopefully next year..
  7. To BTBF: Only $1,500? Where is that? I heard the cost in NY where I live is $2,000-3,000. How did ur fd look?
    My nose is not tall, but I like my asian heritage. I really just want to define the tip of my nose, to make it pointier and longer. You know how some asians have a short nose that shows a bit of nostrils? Well...I have that.
    The other reason that I want to do my nose in Asia is because Asian doctors have much more experience doing Asian noses. I don't want a Caucasian nose on my Asian face.
  8. yeah, I've seen some work that US docs have done...I was flipping through the pics and ALL of them, regardless of whether they were male or female, white or asian, looked the same. Needless to say, I'm not going to his clinic!
  9. heck, I want a butt implant. All I have is a shapely tailbone and a crack:roflmfao: I don't have a bridge on my nose and my glasses sit on my cheeks, a bridge would be nice. Is it really cheaper overseas-the airfare, hotel, food and the miserable ride home all taped up? What about follow up on the surgery? That would be my biggest concern.
  10. I am thinking about getting a nose job and eyelids done too. one of my eyelids is double folded and the other one is single. it's extremely annoying because my eyes look like O_o (one bigger than the other)!! I am not going to Taiwan until next summer tho, so I won't have them done 'til next year. Please do update us after you get it done. Thanks in advance :yes:
  11. Well, I am not sure about Taiwan and Philipine, but I heard some plastic surgery centers in China offer in-hospital stay after surgery for less than 100RMB per night (= $10-15 including TV). Someone even told me that for those that had breast implants and couldn't walk for the first few days, they have staffs for hire for 50RMB (= $7) to buy them food and feed them. That's some damn cheap price for good post-surgery care. Regarding the price of surgery, I know it can be half, sometimes even 1/3 or 1/4 of the price in the states. But I am skeptical about the result of the surgery from such cheap price. I checked out some Chinese plastic surgery forum ( I can read Chinese) online, saw some good pictures and positive feedback from the girls over there that did it. Maybe to do it over there isn't such a bad idea, I mean you do it here and there is still no guarantee that the American surgeon will give u the result that u desire.
    So I am definitely doing it in Asia, how about u guys? I am very nervous to travel by myself and do something like this. If you guys wanna go we should go together.
  12. To elle-mo, from the info I got searching online, you can ride an airplane 7-10 days after rhinoplasty and longer for breast implant. And the food? To tell u the's FANTASTIC! If there's another reason for me to go back to Asia besides plastic surgery it would be the food. On a trip to Shanghai, I ate Japanese cuisine at a good restaurant for less than $10. The same kind of food cost me $30 plus tips in Manhattan! Heck, everything is cheap wonder so many ppl wanna work overseas, bc they live the lifestyle of kings and queens with an American salary.
  13. Choosing a right plastic surgeon is very tricky. With regards to China, I am not belittling the skills of the surgeons there, but since you want a nose job, I think you have to research on the silicone or implant that will be used on you. I live in the Philippines, and from what I heard form my dermatologist is that, China produces very cheap Botox and mesotherapy solutions (for dissolving fat), but these are very inferior compared to the ones made in the US. And of course, these products are do not have any FDA approval. Eyelifts or getting slits will be less complicated because the operation only involves cutting and stitching, unlike a nose job where something is placed inside your nose. Of course, you also have to research if the doctor you choose is board certified.
  14. anufangava, can u recommend some good doctors in Philipine? I don't want to use implants, just to define the tip of my nose using cartilage.
  15. yeah.. shw_fusion.. just make sure you get a good doctor!! If you know anyone from China, try getting some recommendations... Maybe even try going to the international hospitals and seeing what they're like.

    I went to China during the summer, and I definitely saw more than a few girls with botched, swollen, unnatural, double eyelids.
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