Asian Celebs with the Dior Gurly Boston

  1. Hey you guys! have you ever seen any pictures of celebrities with the Dior Girly Boston bag? i remember a couple years ago i've seen an Asian celeb with it. I dont quite remember who though. Any ideas anyone? Any pictures to share would be greatly appreciated! :heart: :smile:
  2. Here is a very tiny picture of Jolin Tsai from Taiwan carrying a Girly boston :smile:

  3. Wow cool! thanks! anymore pics anyone? ill try to look for some too!

  4. :huh:h, i'd love to see some more!
  5. there are quite a few in the Stars and their dior's thread ..

  6. hmm i went through the ENTIRE thread in hopes of finding some but i only found ONE. \=
  7. nono i think everybody either skipped over my words or misread my post lolss.. what i meant to ask was specifically Celebs with the Dior BOSTON GIRLY bag hehe thank you though!

  8. oooh sorry hun! :heart:

  9. Sure, hang on!
  10. Here!

  11. And another!

  12. wow thanks babydoll:heart: btw what s your name? my name is tina =] nice to meet you!