Ashley Tisdale in a bikini in Miami (07/31/07)

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  2. Her bikini is so cute!
  3. I have no clue who this girl is....yet she pops up on the LV celebrity with bags forum all the time.

    She looks ramdon to me.
  4. She is the star of High School Musical...
  5. She's gorgeous!
  6. i like that her body still looks healthy.. unlike other young celebs.
  7. Thanks, I always wondered who the heck she was. I've never seen that movie either..oh well. At least she does have a healthy body.
  8. Finally her hair doesn't look like a ****zu!
  9. Her body looks great in that bikini.
  10. she is cute, but wears a ton of makeup for a young gal.
  11. She's hot
  12. gorgeous! :woohoo::woohoo:
  13. Ask any 7 year old, they'll know who she is. LOL.
  14. Nice face, too bad she's a horrible Disney actress.
  15. She's also in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.. Basically all Disney Channel shows. Haha, yes, I'm 20 and still have my Disney Channel moments where I watch some shoes =D Anyhow, yeah she is kind of a bad actress