ASHLEE's nose job and... nice outfits!i l

  1. [​IMG]

    nice.. i love her new outfits. cute...
  2. she looks like jessica still.
  3. She looks like a different person with the nose job!
  4. Evertime I see her she reminds me more of Jessica! It seems as though she's turning into Jessica to further her career.:blink::flowers:
  5. She should look like Jessica...they are sisters
  6. I don't care for either one of the Simpson sisters.
  7. I think she looks great....her dr. did a good job
  8. LMAO :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  9. she looks great and the blonde looks better
  10. I think she looks great w/ her new nose. I'm not a fan of either Simpson sisters. They both look like every other female "pop" star.
  11. Yes, I agree! :blink:

    I think she looks adorable!
  12. Obviously, but I meant her style. She used to have black hair, wore "punk" clothes and now she is dressing more girly.
  13. I think she looks fabulous now with her nose work - I am a firm believer in doing whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself...and she is such a cutie!!
  14. Too bad. Her eyes used to look fabulous with the dark hair.

    Same goes with Nicky Hilton, the dark hair colour really made her blue eyes pop.
  15. ^i agree...
    i think she was cuter as a brunette!