Ashlee Simpson's leopard bag

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  1. Looks like Jimmy choo to me...
  2. I think it might be Jimmy Choo too.
  3. I want to say it's the YSL roady. The straps resembles YSL more than Jimmy Choo.
  4. It's close to the bag Iris posted, but it's not it... The way the straps are attached to the bag is different and the "edges" are much straighter on the YSL bag!
  5. It is the Jimmy Choo Mandah bag.
  6. Thanks for the ID, i thought Jimmy choo as if you look closely it has the same zip design underneath that the Martha clutch has (which i really wanted but missed out on BTW) :crybaby:

    The link to buy: (sold out) :cry:

    I know when you close the zip at the front then it looks like how Ashlee is carrying hers...