As promised... Pictures of my new baby!

  1. My cerises agenda arrived early this morning! Whoohoo... :yahoo: The seller even threw in a couple of LV agenda papers! :heart: It's so purty! :lol:
    Agenda_1.JPG Agenda_2.JPG Agenda_3.JPG Speedy_Agenda.JPG
  2. Ohhh - I Love That!
  3. Gorgeus, stunning, other words of admiration! Gongratulations!
  4. Cute! Congratulations!
  5. Oohh, so beautiful :nuts: Lucky you :crybaby:

    Congrats, enjoy it!!!
  6. Oooh! Congratulations! I love it!
  7. Congratulations! She's really gorgeous! And that's sweet of the seller too!
  8. oh very nice, good choice!
  9. Good for you!:yes:
  10. Oh it's pretty, congrats!!
  11. Very nice. I love the cerises. Congrats to you!
  12. Aw I love cerises!! It's so cute, congrats!!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. OMG!! Its soooo cute!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  15. Thanks ladies! =) I absolutely adore it!