as of "new" mc alma

  1. she's here :flowers: flawless, very nice, no signs of wear, very nicely wrapped. no mothballs smell.. yehEY!!!!:wlae: yaay to my mc alma
    23102006.jpg Lv_mc_al.jpg
  2. Congrats!!!! :P
  3. very nice!
  4. :yahoo: *Congratulations*:yahoo:
  5. It's beautiful, I love the colors
  6. thanks!!! :smile: hey i wonder why everyone told me authentic_lvlady is famous for "mothballs smell" i guess im so lucky now,it smells like a new bag... it looks so brand new.. :smile:
  7. Hehe. Yah, the infamous moth ball smell. Lucky you. Congrats.
  8. oh you got it from Lv lady? I'm going to order something from her one day. Mmmm moth balls....:sweatdrop::nuts:
  9. Oh man, that is beautiful! It is sooo beautiful! It looks like you just bought it at the store.
  10. heheh thanks!! :smile: it looks so brandnew im sooo lucky!
  11. Congrats!!!!
  12. Congrats! So glad she finally arrived...I know you were getting nervous.
  13. congrats!
  14. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Nice choice.:love:
  15. Loooove, gongrats!
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