As promised - Pic of Green Classic Flap in Soft Caviar

  1. This is the pic of the Green Classic Flap in Soft Caviar that I managed to take a pic of when my SA is not looking. It is indeed almost beige/cream IRL.
  2. That is a unique color, did you like it IRL?
  3. Not really, cos it neither green nor beige. It's something in between and I find that its a bit difficult to match with clothes. However, the soft caviar is very soft, almost smooth, and it feels GREAT. I think the next classic flap that I'll be getting will be soft caviar.
  4. The color is a little minty to me, but the soft caviar seems interesting.
  5. how much does the soft caviar retail for in the classic flap?
  6. I would like to see it IRL. Could the color be kind of neutral or it is too minty? Are all sizes available?
  7. I dun really mind it... I think there's a nice subtlety to the color and brings a dimension to the classic flap. How much was it?
  8. Is soft caviar new? I am curious about the price of it also.
  9. the color is interesting. is that from spring? the color is not for me though.
  10. hmm, it's a very interesting color. i think the fall colors (violet and blue) are my favorite so far.

    thanks for the sneaky pic ;)
  11. interesting color. it is pretty minty! i think it's pretty but i also wouldn't know how to use it bc it's neither green nor beige...
  12. I'm sorry, I did not ask for the price as I wasn't planning on purchasing it.
  13. It's a little iffy...too bland for green. I like the texture though.

  14. The bag looks there a jumbo size for this range (i.e soft caviar)???
  15. mmmmmmmmmm.....soft caviar is indeed interesting! Hopefully someone will find out the price!