As promised, here are petitions to stop the dolphin slaughter in Japan

  1. Haha, thanks! I was hesitant to click on that first link, so thanks for the warning. Are the other two links okay?
    Nvm, I just clicked on the other two links, and they are fine.
    I signed them both! It's terrible what happens to these poor animals. I wish that it will end.
  2. i signed
  3. i signed. i'm putting the link on my facebook..
    thanks caitlin!
  4. I saw this on tv recently and literally bursted into tears! I am still heartbroken every time I think about it. I'm a little hesitant about opening the link to sign.. but I will!
    How is it possible that human beings are capable of this?! I will never understand :sad:
  5. I signed it and send it to everyone I know! Thanks for the link Caitlin!
  6. my signature # is 1216397.
  7. Here's a site explaining everything about the hunt, plus links to various petitions and government official addresses:

    There are pictures of bloody water and there's an animation explaining how the hunt works, but you don't have to click on that if you don't want to.
  8. Apparently I had already signed that petition, I can't keep track honestly. This is so's unfortunate that people are able and willing to treat animals in this manner.
  9. I signed! did you see that hayden panteyadayada you know who I mean Is supposedley in trouble by them from going there and protesting. I doubt anything will come of it though she was just surfing in the water,right?