as a seller, is BIN okay or is there a new scam?

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  1. hi. i just read in a balenciaga listing that the seller was not going to offer a BIN as there has been trouble with account take overs due to using a BIN.

    is there any truth to this? has anyone heard of such a thing? i am getting ready to list a bag, and want to make sure that i do everything possible to protect myself.

    btw, there is tons of useful tips in the other selling thread here.. thanks to everyone for such great tips. love the wrist strap idea.
  2. this recently happened to me on the last bag I was sold on ebay. about an hour before the auction ends, someone hits BIN and I never hear from them. then I get an email from ebay saying it's a hijacked account.
  3. I ALWAYS use Immediate Payment Required option with all of my BIN items. I am sick and tired of the hijacked accounts excuses (wether they are real or not).
  4. I do the same thing. It is an option in the listings. If you only take Paypal you can also mark the box to require a Paypal account before bidding.

    I do both when I place BIN auctions and haven't had any issues.
  5. Great advice!! I just changed my listing to include the options of Paypal acct required and for the BIN, Immediate payment required. Thanks again!!
  6. Yes, definitely a good idea. Thanks!
  7. ahh! thank you for clearing that up! i misunderstood, i thought thieves were somehow taking over the seller account by hitting the BIN. this explanation makes so much more sense.

    back in March someone got into my ebay account and listed hundreds of items in a course of a few minutes. i thought i was so smart, always answer all ebay mail threw "my messages" all the regular safety stuff. still cant find out how they got me.....

    thank you so much for the "immediate payment " option. will make sure to to that in the future!

    thank you everyone!!
  8. ^^ yeah, I'm going to use the immediate payment thing too. I just like to accept money orders as well for the regular auction, not BIN, and the MO thing is grayed out when you click immediate payment. that's why I didn't do it last time.
  9. the past few months all of my bag listings (which had bin options) were ruined b/c of illigetimate ebayers. i don't know if this is 'legal' in ebay land, but i did not make my listings have a bin option, but instructed interested parties to email me if they wanted the item to be a bin. that has worked out fine for me.