ARTSY in Paris in May ?

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  1. OK - I know my chances are probalby a snowballs chance in .....
    I am going to Paris at the end of April/early May.:yahoo: I don't see the Artsy on the French version of LV online, and wonder what my chanes are of getting the Artsy MM...I did this once with the Chanel Portbello about 1 month after it came out in the US, and drug my poor DH around to every Chanel store only to find that were sold out along time ago.

    I have to save my pennies for my trip but plan on spending at LV.. now I'm drooling for the Artsy...whats a girl to do ??
  2. "What's a girl to do??" Buy it here in the USA! Then carry that gorgeous bag on your trip to Paris.

    Good luck!
  3. Buy it before you go to Paris! Then you can walk into the LV store there WITH your Artsy and get something new!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ i agree with Sarahguz and DS!!
  5. I agree, why take the chance of not being able to get the Artsy! Buy it here and carry that gorgeous bag all over Paris!!!
  6. I saw Artsy in LV web in French version. Surely, you can buy one there with getting tax refund maybe 12%. :woot:
  7. Thaks friends ~ I appreciate the advice
  8. buy it now!!! the same thing happened to me w/ mahina l in elephant gray. it was almost sold out in the us but I decided to chance it & wait for my Paris trip. when I got there it was all sold out & I bought black instead. still listed after the grey, found online online & hvnt carried the black since *sigh*

    long story short, run don't walk & get the bag you want before it's gone!
  9. Wait this is not an LE item it will be there.
  10. But they are in high demand so why wait? It's obvious that she wants the Artsy so she should get it as soon as she can! Get something else special from the Paris store!